Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What Will Be?

Peace on earth. Is it only seasonal?
Perhaps something more important is peace in earth.
Perhaps THE most important is peace IN MAN!
It has to start in me!

On the summit of His planet
standing all alone,
Considering the positive
as this man is prone.
A place to live...air to breathe...
water cool to drink...
"What more at all could this one need?"
such is the way I think.
Yet daily, indeed, constantly,
all throughout the earth,
stones are cast, bullets fly,
life declines in worth.
"Nothing new beneath the sun..."
for hatred then remained,
but oh, the levels in these days
that hatred has attained!

I gaze out at the 'yond expanse
and wonder what will be.
Assuredly, it is inscribed
for us to clearly see.
And surely, One so high above
will guide, that we not fall,
but that decree allowing Him
is up to one and all!


Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Seasons change.
If I can accept the changing of the seasons, why is it so difficult for me to change?
I don't like change! Some people look forward to it. What's wrong with them?!
The Word of God tells me that "He changes not, His compassions fail not..." but I find that God is newer everyday!
"Father, help me to be so pliable in Your hands that change will not upset me."

Once again inside of His embrace.
Only here can I, tomorrow, face.
Only here can I, each moment, see--
His embrace is my security!
Strong enough to say that I am weak?
Brave enough, His changes for to seek?
Secure enough to say "I'm insecure!
I need Your constant Presence to endure!"

Once again inside of His embrace.
I am not exclusive to this place.
Though His full attention I receive,
Anybody can, this height, achieve!
Here will He explain to me, (or not,)
the changes for my life that He has got.
Here, while all of life does He arrange:
greater to interpret every change.

"Here am I, Lord, send me."


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Different Weapon

The Word of God is very clear that each of us are equipped with weapons. Each of us have a different arsenal, as each of us are in different battles at different times. However, it is the same war! With what He has gifted you with, use them with all your strength, all your heart and all your might! That which is not utilized will be taken away and given to one who will use it.
Remember, we are in a battle, but we are all in it together!

I advance unto the front
Armed with sword of ink.
A soldier, ever-sensitive,
Mine objective: think!
Original expression and
Emotions concentrate;
These, coupled with sincerity,
They shall decide my fate!
I declare these as mine own
Competing in the race;
This, mine only arsenal,
Against whatever face!
And should I’ve skill and mastery,
And never abdicate,
Then shall I be hailed,
Categorically, as great?!

I have but One Superior,
He is pre-eminent.
It is at his command I am,
Into the battle, sent.
A meek and lowly sword of ink,
My harbinger: a sheet!
I vie that more would understand,
And stand, in Him, complete!



"In order to prove or realize the reality of God, all one must do is look around."

All nature to ascribe to Thee
a song of never-ending praise!
The mountains and the rolling hills
in harmony, sweet anthems raise!
Even every humble valley
now presents its fruit to Thee!
Once more, how could any less
be required of such as we?

Dare to even stand in boldness
witnessing that tendered due?
Dare to even claim His sonship
as is viewed such worship true!
Dare to harmonize with nature
in that everlasting song?
O, but to know I am allowed to
all the day, all living long!

Bless You, Maker of all nature
and Receiver of all praise!
With the wonder of Your beauty,
never cease You to amaze!
In light of what I have in sight,
silence, it has not a place:
worship unto God, Creator,
rises as He showers grace!

Open your eyes! He is right there longing to prove his reality to you!


Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yet again, I find myself in bewildered awe that the GOD OF EVERYTHING, owning everything, lacking nothing, would want to give up so much just to have relationship with me!
When will I ever learn...

I glance upon the Father's face,
then fall upon my own.
How could such Perfection,
this rejection, want to own?!
I fathom not how One, the Owner
of but everything
would let go of His only Son
and, unto this one, cling!
For I am far from perfect,
my talents, they are few.
Why, there's not even much left of
this body He can use!
And yet did He extend His hand,
the one with scars of nail,
and everything that was inside
to me did He avail.

How can I gaze fully at
the countenance of Him?
"I cannot," I cry to Him
beyond the Seraphim!
Darkly, through a glass shall I,
until that awesome day
when He shall come in power and take
my humanness away!


Friday, February 23, 2007


Drink! Go ahead! There is no reserve!
Jesus Christ IS that living water!
Taste Him, you will never thirst again:

Water from the sky
His bountiful supply
Taste it fresh upon the tongue
You use to glorify
His holiness on high.

Spirit, never dry—
God to satisfy!
Speak His glories in the same--

The soul to edify...
The tongue to prophesy!

Living Water Source?
JESUS CHRIST, of course!
Give Him residence within,
Said bounty to enforce!
He is the All-Resource!

“Ask, and I will give you living water!”
John 4:10


Thursday, February 22, 2007


Oh, that sound again...
Can even a poet seize and record it?
Or am I wasting my time pursuing something that will ever be out of my reach? Wasting time? NEVER!
I am but investing time in the most important relationship man can ever know!

When is not a whisper save
the music that He plays,
the Holy Spirit woos me in
such fresh and foreign ways!
I know His voice from listening,
I know His air from feel,
I know He's come, unto mine every
fiber to appeal!

It is a place no person understands
it is a touch exclusive of His hands
it is instruction that cannot be learned
it is treasure that cannot be earned.

In the whisper of the music
that He makes for me,
there is excitement, there is calm,
there is what needs to be!
I never know what to expect,
but say, is that not love?
in the whisper and the woo
that is from God above!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


It's difficult. It's been 26 years. It is still difficult.
What that person did to me!!
God forgave them of THAT?!
It's difficult. I did that for 35 years! It is still difficult. Those things I used to do knowingly!

God forgives me still?!
It's difficult! I say to Him

"God, how can You love me after I did that?"
And God answers "Did what, My child?"

"God, forgive them, have they any clue?
You said 'Forgive. They know not what they do.'
Are they aware of what they've done to me?!
You're aware, yet You say 'Set them free.'
But God, do You not know how I hurt?
To even be with them, I must exert!
And God, they do it all because of You!!
'Rejoice, for so they did the prophets, too.'
But God, how long will they be in my path?
Shower on them each Your holy wrath!!
How would You respond if it were You?
'Love them more. They know not what they do.'
But God, there he stands now with a grin!
I want to shoot, but something is within.
I want to curse him! Why, then, do I cry?!
I yearn for to embrace him, God. But why?

"God forgive them....have I any clue?
What about MY life before You?
God forgive me. Once more, take my heart,
'Thy kingdom come, oh God, how great Thou art!"

If these words do not pertain to you, then pray for me.

I still struggle.


Grace for Granted

"Go ahead, nobody's looking..."
"But that's so minor! That guy did something far worse!"
"Who cares? It's a big corporation!"

Thinking of myself again,
I grab another nail.
As long as no one notices,
Who cares if I fail?!
As long as I succeed,
Who cares about the cost?
In learning how and where to go,
How did I get so lost?!
Integrity is what I am when no one is looking.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Time for my walk. Do you have time for such on occasion?
Or are you of the ones who are so busy that you must FORCE time for such?
It is worth it. But even as I make time for this precious moment, I can't help but notice busyness...

"I walk the minor slope over by the road.
Walking through the dirt, the rocks, the grass…
Walking by the stream, the pond…
Walking in the sprinkles, the rain…
Yet, in all of this, walking with You,
Thanking You for every facet of the walk.
Beside me go the cars, the trucks, the buses—
All with people in a hurry to get to a place where they will desire to return from…
When will we be happy with who, what and where we are?"

Surely, we must busy ourselves with bettering ourselves and prospering, but let us not forget to take time and "LIVE" en route.


Monday, February 19, 2007


Walking back to yonder day
which long I sought to flee...
"Oh, for to be accountable,
accountable to me!"
Notions and ideals, then,
more rapidly to flee...
while gleaning every memory am I.

Walking back to yonder day--
yet be there any need?
All today to savor greater,
higher to exceed!
Only to recall the peaks
and nothing to impede...
yes, gleaning every memory am I!

Walking back to yonder day
while pressing far ahead.
I see so very clearly, oh,
the ways that He has led!
Oh, the path in front of me,
mine expectation fed...
still gleaning every memory am I!

Each of us are on a different path. As we allow Him to, the Narrow Way is quite diverse for each of us...all the while remaining 'narrow.' My calling is completely different from yours, but it is all for His glory.
Looking back, we recall so many places that were so confusing, yet now we see His guiding hand in that time with such clarity!
I surely pray that you are able to do the same. If you cannot see it, or do not see it yet, don't give up! There are so many situations and directions in our lives that we may never know anything about until we are with Him!
You are approved. You have a calling. You have direction...even when you cannot see it! Stay the course. Fight the good fight. BELIEVE!


Friday, February 16, 2007


As I look about this morning, look everywhere, life goes on...
As it does, will it affect me? Will it distract me? Will I allow it to?
Indeed, life goes on. And the only way that it will not affect me is if I die! I can, however, alter its effect by my response to it, my perspective.
As life goes on this morning, I walk on...presenting everything to Jesus. Do you?

Nothing in your life is too minor for Him to be involved in! Listen as He walks with me....

The waves, they crash beside me as
I walk along the beach.
Jesus came here years ago,
so many times to teach.
Thousands came from all around
to hear Him and be fed--
a miracle of miracles:
two fishes and some bread!
Did any marvel at the words
the Master Teacher said,
or did they come because Someone
would make sure they got fed?
Did any thank Him as they left
for feeding them that day?
Or were they angry, as they watched Him
slowly sail away?

"I hear so many questioning
about that time and place,
and so they stumble as they come
and try to seek Your face.
Well, here am I, Lord, by the sea,
seeking You again.
I must be fed by Your advice,
not words from mortal men!
My heart is open unto You,
and, too, my mind is clear;
so speak unto Your servant, Lord,
I'm still, and I will hear."


Thursday, February 15, 2007


"Who is my brother?"

Jesus, Himself, fielded that very question. And, like many of the issues He addresses, the question still arises today. And, like many of the inquiries then, most ask only to skirt the real answer!

My brother, whom I have such feeling for,
He has a need, yea, and he needs more.
I see that he is lacking on The Way,
But he needs far more than words can say.
And he needs more than something I can ‘give.’
He needs to see I care in how I live.
Anyone with ‘money’ can meet need,
But very few press deep and intercede.
I need to have such feeling for that man
That he would be part of my daily plan.
Beyond a ‘project’ for a mere ‘good deed,’
I must avail mine all unto God’s lead!
I may get dirty if I go this way,
I may be rejected come what may,
I may even get hurt by this man
If I wholly yield to God’s Plan.
And though the deepest feeling may persist,
All such motive I must yet resist;
The lead of God alone for to obey
And help my brother on the Narrow Way.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ONLY Valentine?

Look at the one you love...
Keep looking...
Look into their eyes...
Can you?
How often do you do that?
So many I have spoken with or who have come to Debby and I miss this most basic and vital of relational skills: eye contact. We know of its importance in the business world, but it is surprising how little regard it's given in a love relationship.

One look into your eyes--
so much to realize.
A yearly valentine?
Oh, but constantly you're mine!

Flowers for one day?
Oh, but constant the bouquet
that sweetens all of time,
seducing the sublime.

More than word, than gift,
more than emotion drift,
much more than flippant youth,
our love, for it is truth!

One look into your eyes,
and I become unwise--
the simplicity of love
stays you and I above!

Father God Himself ordained this most wonderful of gifts. His Word is rife with examples of love! If HE put such value and emphasis on love and communication, should we not all the more?!
On this Valentine's day, (and everyday!) one of the greatest gifts you can give your lover is your attention. It will take time, oh, but it will reap the most valuable of rewards!
SEE you in love!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007


"Hurry along hours!"
"Come on, rest!"
"What time is it?"
Does any of this sound familiar? I happen to be one of the fortunate who enjoy their job. Every job I've ever had I have enjoyed. Some people can't stand that!
However, no matter how enjoyable what you do is, rest is necessary!
I wrote this one evening (....actually one morning, since I usually worked the night shift!) after I got home and sat down. I send it out now and wonder if any of you have been to this location.

The world has had me all the day
and now, at last, I get away
unto a place so many know,
and yet, that many never go.
My refuge isn't far away,
and no one cares how long I stay.
That place is at my Savior's side,
serenity does there abide.
Unto my soul does He impart
the peace and love inside His heart;
and His sweet touch upon my life
does put an end to this day's strife.
No matter what the day has brought,
no matter what mere man has wrought,
I have a place where I can go
where peace and comfort freely flow.
He doesn't care what time of day,
nor does He care how long I stay,
nor does it matter where I'm from,
all that He asks is that I come.
And my sweet Lord will meet me there,
and, with me, peace and comfort, share,
and hide me briefly from this world
and all the trouble that's unfurled!

Have you such a place to go?
It's only a prayer away, and HE is always home!
I'll meet you there.


Monday, February 12, 2007


"Intolerant!" comes the accusation as I declare that there is but one way to the Father: JESUS CHRIST.
But if His very Word declares it, and it has been revealed to my heart and soul...

Am I alone?

Even now the Stone is laid,
The Stone is laid in Zion!

A Cornerstone for all of those
Belonging to the Lion!
A Cornerstone so tested, yea,
By fire is it tried;
And now, Foundation for the ones
Elected to His side!

He that stumbles on this Stone,
Though wounded he may be,
Findeth in the same that healing
That brings victory!
And yea, the one who standeth firm
When he does arise,
Findeth vict’ry for that trial that,
‘yond this living, lies!

Yea, the Cornerstone on which
My faith is firmly based
Hath brought to me the victory
In ALL that I have faced!
And victory He’ll bring to me
In all that is ahead!
the Firstborn of the Dead!


Sunday, February 11, 2007


The need is everywhere. Can you see the need? Will you see the need?
As I look I see, as I I hear, it becomes more and more apparent just how wealthy I am. I have more, so much more. What will I do with it?
I know exactly what to do with it and if I do not, instead of giving it away it will be taken away and given to him who has more.

"Teach me, oh, to minister
Wherever be the need!
In each and every quarter be there
Someone to be freed.
Wherever I extend my arm
Be one with less than I,
And I can meet a need because
Of Him Who reigns on high!

Yea, because I know the Meeter
Of mine every need,
I can go unto my brother,
Listen, and then heed.
Help me, great and mighty God,
To give what he should lack
Without any pretense or
Expecting something back.

For anything that I should do
For him I do for You;
And mighty be the joy within
As this is proven true!
I avail myself, oh God,
Use me as You will;
Your attributes, unto my brother,
Surely to instill!"


Saturday, February 10, 2007

All in a Day

A dear friend was sharing earlier how, in one day, she was present for the birth of her grandchild, and worked hospice later on that night as a 96-year old woman left this life for the next. All in one day.
Her note inspired the following words. I pray that they will inspire you to make the most of every moment you have!

Nothing new beneath the sun...
except for every day;
no one knew except for you
each time you look my way;
there is no pain I do not know,
unless it is the next;
I've seen it all before, but still
don't know what to expect.

A newborn's jubilant compend...
A seasoned one there at the end...
and, oh, the awesome in-between...
in all of life, so much they mean!

Nothing old beneath the sun,
for there, a door awaits!
We practice here the wonder which
the soul anticipates!
Rehearsal for a life unknown,
a life one cannot know--
savor, oh, the gift of this life
far as it will go!

Harriet, my dear sister, thank you for inspiring LIFE!


Friday, February 9, 2007


Empty? Unhappy with what is inside? Even if you think you are satisfied, there is always more with God! His Word tells us that we are vessels. Oftentimes, indeed, regularly, it is quite rewarding to raise your arms and say:

"Here's my cup, dear holy Lord,
I raise it unto You.
With Your Spirit fill it up
as only You can do!
So many needs inside it, Lord,
that only You can meet,
and hurt that only You can heal
by perfect love, so sweet.
For no one else can understand
the contents of this cup,
or meet the needs inside it like
the One Who fills it up!
For no one else would even lend
an ear unto my need,
but here, Lord, in Your loving arms,
at last have I been freed!"

For I know of no other place
wherewhich I can retreat
and have all my needs satisfied
than at my Savior's feet!
The world has so many places
it can run and hide,
but none can give me all that I get
at my Father's side;
and they can have whatever they want
to 'satisfy' their need,
I'll take all I can get from HIM--
He satisfies, indeed!

And He can satisfy YOU. You know who you are, and God knows, as well! All that you have tried before has only let you down, disappointed you. God will not! He knows you intimately, and He avails Himself to the slightest word of your heart. Take Him at His Word. He never fails, and HIS satisfaction is true!


Thursday, February 8, 2007


Each and every one of us have feelings. Therefore, the possibility exists for us to get our feelings hurt. When that happens, what is your recourse? I remember early in my walk with the Lord when someone I greatly respected as a man of God dealt with a situation in my life that I thought should have been dealt with differently. I grabbed my pen in rebellion and wrote the following words. As you can see, God took my little 'spat' and turned it into something that has glorified Him for years now...

Why can't I turn the other cheek
when someone does me wrong?
Why must I dwell upon it, Lord,
and let it steal my song?
Why can't I just forgive them, God,
like You told me to do?
Instead of scheming in my heart
which vengeance to pursue.

If I will be Your son at all,
I must go through all things,
my self be daily sacrificed,
a constant offering;
the trials that You suffered, Lord,
the pain You did endure,
all this, and more, should I go through
if, unto You, I'm pure?
And dear Lord, if I strive to be
like You in every way,
should I not go to the estranged
and, from my insides, say
'Whatever is between us, friend,
whatever has been said,
pleas eforgive me in His Name
and let's have peace, instead.'?
There're too many relationships
dying out there, Lord,
because they feel forgiveness is
a thing they can't afford.
Not only is it Your command,
it is the only key
to open up that healing stream
that we all need to see.

Lord God, please take me constantly
unto that humble place
where I can look beyond my faults
and see Your perfect face;
and make me like Your Perfect Son,
mirrored unto men,
that I may see each loving soul
and not the sin they're in.

Whatever it is, let it go. It will probably only end up hurting you. Whatever has been done, tell God about it and He will give you HIS wisdom in dealing with it!



Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Are you living today, or are you just 'alive?'
But life today is meant to be abundant!
Yesterday is gone. Savor the lessons learned.
Tomorrow is not here. Anticipate the blessing of it.
TODAY IS. Live it with all your being!!
There will NEVER be another 'today.'

Somewhere is tomorrow.
Today is here and now.
To make it to the morning--
a solemnest of vow.
Without a glance, however,
at that which is to come,
knowing One much higher, greater,
calculates the sum!
Somewhere is tomorrow,
I do not want to see.
I want to see the here and now
and be all I can be!
All of life to dedicate,
but one day at a time,
trusting, yes, and knowing
He establishes the climb!
JESUS is today.
JESUS is life.
To get the most out of life today, ask Him to be YOUR today!
Give Him your yesterday! Give Him your tomorrow!
Give Him all of you and He will replace it with ABUNDANCE!

Monday, February 5, 2007


How are you?
WHERE are you?
Are you in a religion somewhere, or are you in a relationship?
God knows very well the answer. And to those who have yet to embrace Him as The Loving Father Who seeks relationship, He says

"Break out! Break out! Tradition,
become no fetter hence!
Know My heart's desire!
Know My heart, immense!
Can you accept My offering?
Forget what you expect!
I have so much, so much greater--
will your heart accept?"

Break out! Break out! Tradition
is far, so far below!
I AM, I have, I do far more
than you can ever know!
But not so far you cannot join Me!
Come, now, enter in!
Be ye far above tradition!
Rise, yes, rise again!

Break out! Break out! Tradition,
tradition do I hate!
Tradition says I cannot move,
but know, I AM too great!
Too great to be contained within
traditions that are held.
Break out with Me, as every fetter
is, and will be, felled!"

A Mighty God we can serve. A loving Father we can belong to. One Who is closer than a brother seeks relationship with us! Let not a set of rules and regulations blind or oppress ! Cry out for God and all that is His with a pure heart and there will be no disappointment!


Saturday, February 3, 2007


If you are like me, you often have people telling you where to go. (Sometimes, without even asking for directions!)
Each and all of us have a certain path in this life. It is different for every one of us save one factor: the right way for all will be straight and narrow!
Whose lead are YOU going to follow?

Walking with my Risen Lord
Down whatever path;
Whatever situation comes,
The perfect way He hath!
Wherever He will lead me, that’s
The way that I will go;
He knows what is best for me—
This I truly know!

Conversing also with the One
With Whom I always walk.
I grow with every word He
Vocalizes as we talk!
Marrow even to the bones,
The words of God Most High;
Yea, as I consume them, thirst
And hunger ne’er will I!

Oh, my walk with Him, it is
The greatest thing I know!
The love and peace and happiness
That, out of it, do flow!
Oh, that everyone would just
Experience my Lord!
For He has all they need to make them
Happy and restored!!

Jesus Christ made the Way. Jesus Christ IS The Way! Will you follow?


Friday, February 2, 2007


Hurry...but to where?
Are you running? Is it even possible to escape that which you are fleeing?
Do you even know what you are trying to evade?
For long, so long, the Spirit
reminded me of love.
From whence it came I wondered,
and then I looked above.
That caused me to look deep, so deep,
inviting Jesus in,
that Source of love, and yet the same
exonerates my sin!
For long, so long I wrested,
until I saw the Light.
That same ashone but all along,
but I ignored the sight!
Now, so much more than vision
is Jesus unto me:
my Companion, my Director,
my Delight is He!
For long, so long I love Him,
and He returns the same!
I give my heart unto Him,
He calls me by my name!
Oh sweet, what sweet redemption
in Jesus Christ alone!
Approach Him in all honesty,
His grace become your own!
Slow down...
Stop altogether?
Do whatever it takes to know God and His grace in ways that you have never thought possible--ways far and above our ways!
He is calling you by name.