Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Are you on a road to nowhere? Is there such a thing? Each and every one of us are indeed on a road, yet the destination is as varied as we are! As I pondered this one day, I was at a country crossroads down which sat an empty church, and I wondered

If the dusty road could talk,
Oh, what would it say?
It leads unto that country church,
Be it a Narrow Way.
If the dusty road could talk,
Who then could understand
That everybody traveled thence
Was guided by His hand?

Leading unto celebration,
Leading unto grief,
There to take the toils of living,
There to find relief,
There to see one born again,
To join, there, man and wife,
To fellowship, to see new growth,
To dedicate new life.

So many tales has the trail
Leading to that place
Where assemble precious ones
Partaking of His grace.
If the dusty road could talk,
The words would never cease!
With every twist and turn upon…
But more joy to release!

Indeed, the trail some of us are on is Straight and Narrow, but it is surely not boring! What will the trail you blaze say about you?


Sunday, January 28, 2007


Busy, busy, busy....1,000 guests for breakfast.... Wait!! I don't remember when breakfast ended and lunch began?! Did I put a folded egg on that burger instead of cheese??!!! Oh well, I'm home now....

"Oh take me, my Beloved, somewhere
that I cannot go...
for there are destinations far
too great for me to know!
Far beyond an expectation,
past my border's end,
to where I've told myself 'I am
not worthy to attend.'
For I have not heard that from You,
life is all I hear!
Your open arms are reaching, reaching,
am I drawing near?
I yearn for You to take me there,
but, first, I have to start
if I am to attend that harbor
built by Your own heart!
Weigh anchor, all within me, sail!
Sail unto that place
beyond all expectation, that
too wonderful to face!
I hear, I hear the Spirit and
the Bride, They motion "Come!"
to where is temporary rest,
en route to Heaven's sum!


Saturday, January 27, 2007



Psalm 121 starts out with the declaration "...I lift up my eyes to the hills from whence comes my Help."
Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the works of God's hands. Especially mountains and mountain ranges. All I must do is look at them and it is enough for words to flow!
As I thought of that scripture that says everything we know is more and greater in that Land beyond, I realized that

The mountains of tomorrow
Contain so many sights:
Ridges full of glory
In which one delights;
The vales there, too beautiful,
So foreign to this pen…
The marvel of it all to be
As yet unknown to men!
Someone walks the valleys,
Plateaus and, oh, the peaks.
The Same, with everyone there present,
Fellowships and speaks.
Desire to be present in
That loftiest of height,
Beholding morning without end—
Immune there from the night!

Whatever God uses to fascinate you, to capture you, to thrill you, don't ever forget to thank Him for it! HE IS Creator of all the glory in sight
...and that beyond!


Friday, January 26, 2007


I am so very thankful!
I possess what the richest of men in the world do.
But "it" is far more than a 'possession,' and it is something that some of the 'wealthiest' of this world's men do not have!

Gratitude—but where does it begin?
I am the very happiest of men.
I listen to my brother on the Way
And realize the wealth that is my stay!
Such value is the wife that is my own.
Each day, another mystery is shown!
Each moment, one more truth is come to light
By emotion, sense and, surely, sight!

Gratitude—but where does it begin?
Back to the One she has so deep within.
He made her who she is of His device,
Therefore, she has worth beyond a price!

The value of the wife that is my own
Is known unto myself and God, alone.
But He will have to make her realize
I’m yet unable to contain such prize!

Gratitude—it does not have an end,
And scarcely can the worth of her be penned!
So highly favored count myself each day
That she would grace my life upon The Way!

Whoever you are, treat your spouse as the gift that they are and rejoice in the blessing that God has created specially for you! Savor your wealth! Protect your wealth!

In HIS Service,


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


In the beginning was the word...AND IT RHYMED!!

Do rejoice in this, the day the Lord has made! You don't feel like it? You don't feel ANYTHING?! You are not alone! If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is the disparity of 'feelings' amongst us.
I remember years ago writing something, sitting back and saying "This will blow them away!!" I shared it at a church knowing it was really going to touch them, (impress them!) and it barely brought a response! On another occasion, I was called to speak impromptu and shared something that came to mind that I thought would be rather, generic, simple, boring(?), and it brought tears and rousing applause! It was God affirming His Word which says "My ways are not your ways." He uses the simple to confound the wise!
Often, I will get out my pen and have no clue what the message will be about. I have learned, however, that when He is prompting me to write, I had better obey because He will use any word to touch, even if it only touches me! Whatever He has you doing, whatever He has gifted you with, NEVER take it for granted! Do it with every fiber of your being! Even if it does not involve 'feelings.' Had someone told me way back when that these poems would be heard around the world and published, I would have wondered what planet they were from! I only used these 'rhyming lines' to talk to God, the God I heard spoken to in a little 4-line rhyming prayer! And so I wrote

Oh holy Lord of Heaven and earth
bring us this day for a new child's birth
although I love You and You love me, too,
thank You for everything from my shirt to my shoe!
Father of fathers in Heaven above
please for my heart with Thy holy love
When You fill my heart with Thy love,
all I can think of is that up above!

...and so on.

That's how my writing got started. I wanted to talk to God. My 7-year old mind thought that in order to do so I had to rhyme, so the above were my first "prayers!" And look what HE HAS DONE with them! Now that may fly in the face on many 'theologies,' but God continues to speak to me!
How about you? God is so great and mighty that He will listen to YOU! He knows your heart already. He knows YOU already, so why not talk to Him as The Friend that knows you best? He's waiting. And He will answer you. I have found that it may not always be the answer I want, but He will answer!
Please keep praying for me. I want to write what He wants me to say. I know I will if I listen, if I remain receptive.
LONG, LONG AGO... 5910

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


No matter who we are...where we are...whatever---there is one thing common to each of us: we all have trials. As different as each of us are, so differ our trials. That which I go through may be totally incomprehensible to you. And though the answer may not be immediate, each of us can go to the same place with each trial--JESUS!

Beyond the pain, there be a sweetness
Waiting to be known.
In the sweetness be the
Realization ‘we have grown.’
Where would be true character
Without a trial here?
And where would be maturity
Unless we persevere?

Deliverance FROM the trial? No.
Deliverance IN the same.
And it be the power of
That awesome, hallowed Name.
All that we experience
Be for reasons clear;
The reasons, though, we may not know
Until we’re far from here.


Monday, January 22, 2007

More Jesus

So often I must remind myself to 'focus.' I must actually force myself to stop and think about what matters. Even when I write. I can get off on a tangent writing articles and notes on issues and lose sight of what I am called to write about.
I made a note to myself back on 12/16/06 to focus more on Jesus. I am only this morning answering that note. Do be blessed:

Strong am I in You and You alone
constantly You make Your Presence known
You are my power and You are my shield
in Your perfect time, the same revealed!
I need You every moment of the day
I want you every step along the Way.
You are Jesus, You are like no other-- not another!
You ARE Jesus, and You are my Lord!
no other kinship can, all this, afford.
"There is none like You..." refrains resound!
With no One else desire I be found!
Jesus, only Jesus...Christ alone--
in You, Lord, I am absolutely known.
In You, I am secure in mine each day,
I know You have ordained mine every way!
Strength is mine because of You alone.
Lord Jesus, please make my allegiance known!
I dedicate myself once more and ever,
knowing I shall live with You forever!
And knowing You're alive inside of me,
toward The Mark, let my direction be.
Stay the course with me until that Day;
beside me even then to fly away!"


(And please pray for me that I maintain focus.)


Sunday, January 21, 2007


Do you trust God? Why? Is your trust based in "routine..." "same ol' same ol'..." "TRADITION!"?
Something I so appreciate about the relationship I have with God is that, though He is so dependable, He is NEWER every morning! I know that whenever I draw the pen or sit down at the keyboard, He is faithful to said

With a faith unwavering
that, once more, He'll provide,
I draw the mightiest out of
the scabbard at my side
knowing that if, to His leading,
I would wholly yield,
all that is laid up for me
will surely be revealed!

I set my hand upon the paper--
oh, the precious flow!
(Even at this point, He seldom
lets the writer know!)
Oh, but ever-faithful with
the forming of each verse,
would He bring forth a masterpiece
none to e'er rehearse!

With a faith unwavering
would, faithful, He remain:
proven yet again, the quill
so yielded, for to stain!
Blest again, the writer, as
the Source would yet reprise
that yearning, oh so very deep,
the Father to appease!

And God wants to be the same for YOU! If you do not know God as newer every moment, tell Him! He is big enough to hear it from you! He WANTS to hear such from you so that He can become more and greater than you have ever allowed Him to be! All because He loves you that much!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Constant Bread 5517

At the restaurant this morning at 4:30, I was in study before work and a term kept jumping off the page at me from Hebrews. I stopped for a moment and wrote

Your Word contains "assurance," oh,
but I can find "my own."
On every page of that alive
guarantees are sown.
Right behind and right beside,
yesterday, today,
and forever, blest "assurance"
have I as my stay!

Your Word contains assurance, ah,
But Lord, the same You are!
Confident is Your supply,
and never from afar!
And confident, without ceasing,
in "I AM,"---You are the same!
"Grace to you, and peace..." You say,
assurances I claim!

The Word of God is rife with promises! Only read a verse...a sentence...sometimes, (for me,) but one word is enough for that hope to well in me and change the course of the entire day! I assure you!

Monday, January 15, 2007


That which I possess is sought by more than I will ever know! Are you one of the ones seeking it? Oh, but let me share the trove of what He is in my life! He is so very real! Do hear the prayer of this, my heart, as I speak to Him...

Teach me, oh, to minister
Wherever be the need!
In each and every quarter be there
Someone to be freed.
Wherever I extend my arm
Be one with less than I,
And I can meet a need because
Of Him Who reigns on high!

Yea, because I know the Meeter
Of mine every need,
I can go unto my brother,
Listen, and then heed.
"Help me, great and mighty God,
To give what he should lack
Without any pretense or
Expecting something back.
For anything that I should do
For him I do for You;
And mighty be the joy within
As this is proven true!
I avail myself, oh God,
Use me as You will;
Your attributes, unto my brother,
Surely to instill!"


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where is Peace?


I pray that the "peace that passes all understanding" is yours as you read this,
and that each of us could strive to make that same peace ours at all times!

I do not understand, oh Lord,
why can't we get along?
Each be formed of humble dust,
yet each a different song.
If we would all just change one note,
what harmony would form!
And, oh, the blessed repertoire
to come from such reform!

The minutest sovereignties
now seeking their own ways....
the majorest of powers
dissipating in these days...
unrest even in the home
but all throughout the land:
we cannot love our own...again,
I do not understand.

Oh, that peace would have its way
in the days that are!
Oh, that "self" would cease--the care
would go so very far!
Is such as this within our human
our must we wait for HIS return
for all of this to be?

With GOD, all things are possible!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Walking the Halls

Is it a sound?
Is it a feeling?
Is it a gift?
Is it a decision?

Each one of us contain such peace. But what shall we do with it?
Some very dear friends of mine have a ministry in which people from all stations approach seeking said peace. Some need repair, some restoration, some completely different life. If we are open to the call of God, His discernment will be ours and He will reveal to us exactly how to reach their level....all the while being ministered to ourselves.
Walk with me, won't you, as I walk the halls where He takes me

Down the aisles where they are residing,
echo now the footsteps of this man.
Those on whom society be frowning,
the same remain within the Father's plan.
No matter what conclusions now be drawing,
each of them be needing of the same;
needy of the contents of His bleeding,
needy of the power of His Name.

"If only they would look to Him in earnest,
submitting to the Spirit's constant tug,
they would surely realize His mercy
as they revel in His loving hug!"

Down the aisles where they are residing,
I must be Jesus to them, every one,
at a level that they will relate to--
such ministry as this, it must be done!
Each of them as different as the other,
but again, the Answer is the same:
and, in love, I must present that Answer,
each body, soul and spirit to reclaim!


Friday, January 12, 2007

In the World

The day is done.
I did my best.
I gave 150%.
Who cares?!

Some of us have jobs that we are glad to go to because we know we are appreciated. I have spoken to so many, however, who are only there for a paycheck. Some, due to lack of appreciation. Others...have been replaced by machines! The list goes on...
Do know this: no matter how hard you work or who notices, One takes notice at all times! In fact, His Word tells us "...whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord!" He has your reward, and He has rest for you that is greater than anything from anywhere!

The duties, they have taken toll,
Energies are spent;
Thought escaped to haven when
The hour finally went.
That haven be a harbor where
Is found undying grace,
That harbor be the arms of Him—
Most favored of embrace!

I rest my head upon His bosom
As I close my eyes;
Oh, the wondrous intimacy
Here to realize!
Emotion overtakes the moment,
Words begin to cease…
Every single hindrance
He beckons me "Release."

Rocking in His healing arms,
Hide me now from time;
Shield me from this world and
Its mundane, greedy climb.
I look into His loving eyes,
He intercepts my gaze,
And all that I can vocalize
Is never-ending praise.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Brother Man

It is my prayer that if you cannot picture the words that I am about to share, get out and look until you do. This person is out there and he is waiting, longing, praying for your arrival. I don't know where to tell you to go, but the Holy Spirit will. I found him in a lobby in Little Rock as I was awaiting a brain appt......

With his head inside his hands,
across from me there is a man.
an attitude could this man feign
and ignore him in his pain;
or I could do as I am told:
deny my self and be so bold
as to approach this man in love
and find out what he's thinking of.

That which he should vocalize
may not be very clear,
but I must make him understand
I have a listening ear.
I may not have the answer for
what he is going through,
but I can take him to The One
Who knows just what to do.

And with God's love inside my hand,
I've got to help him understand
that there is hope so very near,
and there is love---for I am here.
I will approach my brother man
and do whatever this man can,
his attitude and hope, to raise.
Together, we will give God praise.

There are so many lifting up hands....
reaching out hands....groping for hands.
Let those of us with full hands be there for them.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I pray that all is well with you and yours. I have spent the better part of the past two days visiting folks in the hospital.
I went back a few years to a visit I had in said location to read over a truth that God gave me one morning as I looked out from my bed....

Confined unto this place again
where often I, before, have been,
while many seek the hidden things
that living in this temple brings.

Confinement be not solitary;
no, no! But on the contrary,
I'm abiding in this place
with my Father---God of grace!

And though I'm stricken to this bed,
so constantly is healing said
unto my body, soul and spirit
in that way that I can hear it!

Shut in with God--no matter where,
even in Intensive Care!
For Omnipresent is the One
Who whispers soft "You are My son."

We serve a healing God. If these words apply to you now, believe! Cling to Him Who is able to heal you, and do not limit His answer to your prayer to your expectations. We so often miss the miracle by expecting Him to answer us on our terms.


I CAN BOLDLY SAY THAT! Even now, as I await the doctor's report...
even now, as I wait for the surgeon...
even now, as no one has a clue what is wrong!
But GOD knows exactly where I am and what is going to happen, so I can boldly say

My inmost parts you lovingly constructed.
You knew me long before was time itself.
And when are moments when life is obstructed,
You do not leave me lying on the shelf.
Even now, You know the workings of me;
You are aware of what will be and when.
Even now, I'm certain that You love me,
as You entrust me to the hands of men.
I place into Your loving hands my loved ones.
You are my Rock, be unto them the same.
Before, we give You praise and adoration,
beyond, we sacrifice to You the same!
Already with a testimony waiting,
am I, so have Your perfect will, oh God!
The healing victory anticipating--
The healing stripes of Jesus we applaud!!

Cling to this! Again, God is aware of who, what, when, where and why we are. He has a will for each of us, He knows us intimately, and HE WILL NOT FAIL!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Always Jesus

The One Who runs the universe is right here at my side, no matter when, no matter where.
As I stand in the dark of dawn this morning, watching day create, I experience

A whisper when is not another sound…
An embrace when there is no one else around…
It is the love of Jesus, constantly;
Absent from Him I can never be!
A whisper when the noise is more than loud!
In throngs, His embrace remains my shroud!
It is the love of Jesus, constantly;
Absent from me He can never be!
A whisper is He when I need it most;
A thunder is He when I am engrossed!
His touch is always confident and sure—
I did, I do, and always I’ll endure!
He knows exactly what I need and when…
He is before, He’s now, and He is then!
Mine all-in-all, Lord Jesus Christ is He;
His words and touch will guide eternity!


The One Who runs the universe is right here at my side, no matter when, no matter where. As I stand in the dark of dawn this morning, watching day create, I experience
A whisper when is not another sound…
An embrace when there is no one else around…
It is the love of Jesus, constantly;
Absent from Him I can never be!

A whisper when the noise is more than loud!
In throngs, His embrace remains my shroud!
It is the love of Jesus, constantly;
Absent from me He can never be!

A whisper is He when I need it most;
A thunder is He when I am engrossed!
His touch is always confident and sure—
I did, I do, and always I’ll endure!
He knows exactly what I need and when…
He is before, He’s now, and He is then!
Mine all-in-all, Lord Jesus Christ is He;
His words and touch will guide eternally!


Monday, January 8, 2007


So awesome it is to be going down the Narrow control.
Then, something pulls out in front of you! It hurts! I have to slow down...I have to stop.
Just because I am going slower, (or am even stopped,) does that mean I am not progressing? No way! Whenever I slow, whenever I stop, it is always for a purpose.

Ever onward at a godly pace
progressing in a vehicle of grace;
every plan and purpose--it is known,
in every situation, life is grown.
I know that every plan for me is good.
You hold my future--not one other could!
You listen when I call and when I pray.
I have no cause to doubt You or Your way!

Is it always this way? Not on the surface. Sure, I may fret, wonder, lose my hair, but in my heart, where it matters, there is no doubt at all...GOD IS IN matter what the speed limit is!"


Sunday, January 7, 2007


How often in our day do we find ourselves wondering what it will be like over there in that which God is preparing for us? Join me in my....exciting frustration!

Above all I can imagine,
(far beyond the same!)
One to far exceed it all,
His kinship I to claim!
Before was time in memory,
(far beyond the same!)
One was, One is, One is to be,
And Jesus is His Name!

O, the wonder of Him!
Do you know Him, too?
His name, His Name is JESUS—
O praise His Name anew!

No way can I imagine,
I’m not yet able to!
Glimpses of His glory,
(though a hindered view,)
I will see Him as He is
When is time no more!
Until then to spread the Word
Of Him Whom I adore!


Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Bed

"Another day."
Do you say that with dread...excitement...expectation? Does it depend on your situation? Your location? Your occupation?
No matter your answer to the question, be thankful that you have one more opportunity to make that statement!
So often, I would go get as much as I could as fast as I could! In the frenzy of youth, I enjoyed my health! I often thought about my future health, but did very little about it, thinking I would take care of it when the time came. The time came...and went!
Faithful, however, though it all, and even yet, is God the Father. Sure, we must grow older. Sure, things break down. But no matter what happens, He affords each of us opportune to see, hear and feel Him in ways anew if only we will take the time to notice Him! And, even yet, His touch suffices.

From the bed of perfect health
I rise--another day.
I don the garments pertinent
to step into the fray.
I know where to go, I know
exactly what to say,
so do I, until I'm back in
the bed...another day.

I look back on the bed of
perfect health--another day.
How could I take for granted such,
back there in the fray?
So different, the daily grind,
when life begins decay.
Dare I yearn escape this bed
unto that other day?

From the bed of here and now
I rise--another day.
Whatever my lot, I remain
upon the Narrow Way.
Regardless how I feel, He
has taught my heart to say
"Yesterday is gone, and I'm blessed
with another day."

THE BED 4686


Take a moment to relax. MAKE a moment to relax! Close your

"Illumination all but subtle,
overcoming sight;"
be there words to rein the brilliance
of supernal Light?
Be it merely escalation--
angels to and fro?
Come, oh come, blest revelation,
pine we for to know!

For the while, we bask in visions
darkly, through a glass,
until the day we shed all fetters,
hindrances surpass!
O to see Him as He is,
the way the heart has seen;
"Oh, the vision of the Spirit,"
soul, remain ye keen!

Glory! Glory! Oh, the steeps
of glory to ascend!
Seize the senses, seize the scribe
with wonder without end!
Captivate the eye, the ear
that cannot see or hear;
oh make the same to prophesy
what ages yet revere!!"
God IS visible! But you must allow Him the freedom to appear as He wants to appear. Too, He is far and above our expectations! Oft times, it won't be until a time later that I realize that He was right there in my situation...right there in my sickness...right there in my HIS Presence!
What are YOU looking for?

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


"Blessings on you!"
May these words so fill your life today that the favor of God be SEEN in you, on you and through you!
While at my son's last week, God took me one morning in my walk to a place I'd never been. Return there with me...

"Who is my brother?"
Do I want him as a brother?
I saw a man struggling in the heat one day to adjust his cattle gate on its hinges.
I stopped and asked if he needed help.
He was very grateful as he told me how far behind he was on his schedule.
We finally got all the pins to seat at once.
I was holding the gate while tightened everything down when I heard sirens in the distance.
He shook my hands with thanks and got into his truck.
Just then, the sheriff pulled up and arrested him for burglary.
When the man finally convinced the sheriff that I was not an accomplice, I was able to return to my day.
I have a problem sometimes.
I listen to my heart instead of common sense.
My worst problem is believing the best in someone....
Or is that a problem?
The same can be a blessing or a curse!
I choose to err on the side of 'blessing' and the motives thereof.

In HIS Service,



Greetings. I pray that all is well where you are, and that you have the opportunity to pause, look about you and truly say "Now I know why I am in this place at this time."
In that place, stop, hold your hands out and say

"Here's my cup, dear holy Lord,
I raise it unto You.
With Your Spirit, fill it up
as only You can do.
So many needs inside it, Lord,
that only You can meet,
and hurt that only You can heal
by perfect love, so sweet.
For no one else can understand
the contents of this cup,
or meet the needs within it, like
the One Who fills it up.
For no one else would even lend
an ear unto my need,
but here, Lord, in Your trusting arms,
at last, have I been freed.
For I know of no other place
where which I can retreat
and have all my needs satisfied,
than at my Father's feet."

The world does have so many places
it can run and hide,
but none can give me all that I get
at my Father's side.
And they can have whate'er they want
to satisfy their need,
I'll take all I can get from Him,
He satisfies, indeed!


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Is it Beautiful?

So beautiful it is to glance out the window and behold the sights that the Creator avails.
But what if you cannot.
What if it is the black of night?
What if the storm is so severe that you cannot even see out the window?
What if you are blind?
Is life still beautiful?
It can be.
I think it can be.
It's easy for me to say, because I have sight!
But night does come, the storms arise, storms that are so fierce that I cannot see!
Is life still beautiful?
Life MUST be more than sight!
Beauty MUST be more than sight!
If it were not, we would be most miserable!!
To some, it isn't. And believe me, they are miserable people!!
There is so much that happens in my life that has me saying "God, help me see the beauty in this!!" And He will. It is not always immediate. In fact, a lot of times the immediate sight is downright sickening...wicked...unfair!
But I promise you, if you are honestly seeking, He will reveal something good in it eventually!
What are YOU looking for?
Do you have time for the answer?

Monday, January 1, 2007


Each and every one of us are called. Some of us know that calling, others are learning. Still others that I know are fulfilling their call and doing everything they can to do more!
So was I one day when God stopped me. I told him that the task He put before me was finished and I had a few hours to do more. He asked me if He had led me to do "more." "No, Father."
I learned that day that surely there is much more to do than ever I could accomplish, but I must listen when I am told to stop so that I will receive ample rest! Two back surgeries later, I learned to listen more closely to HIS voice once I finish something!

I've ministered to others,
and now, I want to feel;
to search out an activity
unto me to appeal;
of a truth, that to minister
unto my very soul:
surely to rejuvenate,
surely to make whole.

Pouring out a vessel
unto where is thirst...
so many things inside the day
to appeal "me first!!"
Oh, but in a moment where
is only He and I,
the want and need of this, my heart,
would I so clarify.

Yea, a blest assurance, He
is wary of my need
is so magnified as we
share fellowship indeed!
Much more than a feeling, oh,
but I desire such,
given as I experience
my Father's loving touch!

Going to Him all the day,
and now, He comes to me
in such a way that I can feel,
hear and even see!
I even taste that He is good
in intimacy blest,
as the world goes its' way
and I savor rest!