Sunday, December 31, 2006


Greetings in Jesus's Name!

But if it is something I have been waiting to start or stop, dare I say it will not work unless I committed to it at the time it was laid upon my heart?

And though I be an aged man
yet more and more each day,
the rows betwixt I walk would seem
to take the sting away.
As long as I can till the ground
and watch Him cause it yield,
I know that youth and all it is
will never be concealed.

What is your 'ground?' Has God prospered you in it? Do you merely look at it each day and HOPE that somehow it will change? Is that all you are doing with it?
I have found that whatever the 'field' is before me, it is not going to change until I take the first step: there will be no growth until I get the tools out and break the ground.
No, this is not about "me, me, me.' It is about God seeing my faith. It is about God seeing me trust Him enough to step out! It is about God honoring my faith!
What is your 'ground.' Will you grow old watching and waiting for something to happen to it, or will you set your hand to the plow and see what God develops?

YOUTH 3100

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is it Sunday anywhere?

Have you times in your life when the pain is so unbearable you just want to disappear? With some disorders, there are moments when life itself is so bad that you want to do the same thing! You cannot tell if it is pain, it just hurts. You cannot tell if it is stress, it just hurts! You can't tell if it's ____, it just _____!
If you can relate to any of that, I pray that you will find comfort in these words...

"Father, it is more than I can bear!"
"My son, I understand you, and I care."
"But Father, look at all that's being done!"
"I understand. For I, too, have a Son."
"But Father, have you seen what lies ahead?!"
"My Own saw warfare, torture, and was dead."
"But Father, all the violence, did You see?"
"Before all living, it was known to Me."
"But Father, is there any other way?"
"I AM THE WAY. Trust Me and obey."

There are moments when my body is in such a state that all I want to do is go to the altar and lay there. It is times like that when the word "sanctuary" has many definitions to me! I was in one of thoes moments yesterday with pen in hand when I asked

"Is it Sunday anywhere?
If so, then take me there.
There are some things upon my heart
that I have got to share.
Some things are happening that only
God can understand.
He allows me question when
I question His command.
He does not yell at me when I
tell Him I disagree.
He doesn't hit me if there's something
I just cannot see.
He is so great, He doesn't mind
if I ask "why? or "how?"
and stays 'til I say "Yes," when He
asks "Can you see it now?"
All the while, explaining in
a way He only can,
that there is stuff I cannot know,
'cause I am just a man.
His smile and embrace affirms
He understands it all,
and He affirms that He is here
before I even call!

Is it Sunday anywhere?
It doesn't have to be!
He's greater than a time or day or
what is wrong with me!
He never says "How could you doubt?!!"
He says "I understand;"
and focuses my vision until
I can see His hand.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Fresh Field 5843

Do be blessed in knowing that there is a God Who loves you and approves of you! As the year ebbs to a close, quite a few are deciding what kind of changes to make to their lives in the year to come. May each of us resolve to be more open and obedient to the call of God.

Opportunities before,
victories behind.
Unto what adventures are we
going to be assigned?
How many of us willing to
accept the mission call?
How many are to realize
The Calling is for ALL?

Is The Mission overseas
or just across the street?
Is it even out the door?
The answer's incomplete!
Am I called to this monitor
or to the Amazon...
the garment of obedience
I must completely don!

Around the world, around the block,
or just around the room,
for now, have I been planted here,
and right here must I bloom!
How can I be of use to Him
in that which is ahead,
if obedience to now
is not so deeply bred?

"So lead me, Father, I will go;
inspire, I will write.
I avail myself to those things
that bring You delight.
And cause my brother witness it
wherever on The Way
that He may catch a breath of You
and be refreshed alway!"


Thursday, December 28, 2006


At the restaurant this morning at 4:30, I was in study before work and a term kept jumping off the page at me from Hebrews. I stopped for a moment and wrote

Your Word contains "assurance," oh,
but I can find "my own."
On every page of that alive
guarantees are sown.
Right behind and right beside,
yesterday, today,
and forever, blest "assurance"
have I as my stay!

Your Word contains assurance, ah,
But Lord, the same You are!
Confident is Your supply,
and never from afar!
And confident, without ceasing,
in "I AM,"---You are the same!
"Grace to you, and peace..." You say,
assurances I claim!

The Word of God is rife with promises! Only read a verse...a sentence...sometimes, (for me,) but one word is enough for that hope to well in me and change the course of the entire day! I assure you!

In HIS Service,



May you be blessed and victorious in that which He leads you into today. A sure way I have learned to be is to present the day to HIM before I even start, commit it to HIS will, and cry out
O be to me security,
God, I am insecure!
Without You in mine every moment
I will not endure!
Doing what I daily must,
(Though breathing I may be,)
another death be evident
but most assuredly!
Another death—I hasten not
Consider it at all!
Rather, Lord, to live Your life
As I surrender all!
Become mine all and everything
Not just security,
And not just in this life, my Lord,
But through eternity!

The greatest of assurance, the
Exclusive of the same,
You are and You shall ever be,
Insecure at will, but sanctified
And sealed I be
With a crimson shade of love
That lasts eternally!

We are nothing without HIM!

In HIS Service,