Tuesday, November 29, 2022

'Unseasonable' Mercy!

Yes, that's what you could term the weather on this late November day!  And so beautiful, as well!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  And, as it just so happens, my employer has me scheduled OUTSIDE taking care of pick-ups and deliveries coming in!  I AM SO BLESSED!

Winter's being merciful
to us this afternoon.
December's knocking on the door,
yet, it feels like June!
What will be the cost of THIS
when Christmastime is here?
The thought of such as I enjoy THIS
strikes a little fear!

Such thought, though, it be fleeting, as
we savor sunny skies
and all the color that remain that,
the wind, defies!
And the temp--unseasonable,
but so appreciated,
as we look forward and prepare
for when He's celebrated!

Surely do we honor and
exalt Him EVERY DAY...
and thank Him ever-constantly
for His every way!
But December takes us to a place
where HE is front-and-center
in the world--and in the hearts
who let Him freely enter!

Yes, winter's showing mercy on
this most glorious of days!
And it be fit for one and all
to stop and give Him praise
anywhere throughout this day
that He creates by hand
and spreads so very bountifully
across the open land!

Unseasonably warm it be for today.  ENJOY IT!  For we know that all good things, even THIS KIND of weather, must come to an end!  They said it will be a few days from now, so let us savor and enjoy the glorious sights of His creation...before it all turns white!


Monday, November 28, 2022

Part of a Select Few!

As I ponder life this day, I realize that I am in a very select group of men!  For God saw fit to create a woman who could endure almost anything...and continue to love me!  PRAISE GOD!

How many are the fortunate
that celebrate a love
that's lasted over forty years
and still 'fits like a glove?'
We are so very blessed, we are,
THIS day and every one!
She still remains the gift from God,
she still gets all things done!
But we can only boast of such
because of GOD MOST HIGH!
He KNEW that we would need each other
as the years passed by!
He's filled those years with love for
one another, every day,
and blessed us with great memories
but all along the way!

No looking back...but at all of
the good that God has done
in helping us to make sure we
keep each other #1!
He's shown us sights we won't forget,
and times that sealed our love;
and He protects us, every moment,
from His throne above!
Not every day is 'paradise,'
but this I know so well:
in good and bad, for better or worse,
love ALWAYS we can tell!

So, trust Him, each and every moment,
as we trust each other!
Have God secure YOUR marriage and
there will never be another!

41 years.  A milestone for 'marriage' in the days in which we live!  I am so blessed to have her as my wife!  She has weathered the weather with me...regardless of the 'climate!'  Again, I AM A VERY BLESSED AND FORTUNATE MAN!  AND GOD IS SO GOOD!


Amongst the masses...

The world is busy.  ESPECIALLY this time of year!  I can walk through my store, through my town, sometimes, unfortunately, even through church and see folks pressed for time and waiting for one thing to get over with so they can move on to the next...

Walking through the gathered crowd-
'What would Jesus do?'
The masses all have schedules
and destinations, too.
Most of them have settled plans
as they go on their way;
some, however, just 'blend in,'
so easily led astray!
Those are the ones that God has put
in place for us to reach.
And each of them, they have a need-
thus, to God, we must beseech!
And, of THOSE needs, a truth be known:
not any of them 'rare!'
But those so led to approach them must
have empathy and care!
Not to 'Shove Jesus down their throats,'
but 'wrap them in His love!'
Thus, seeing that their souls' condition
will be taken care of!
But right now, they just need to know
that CARE-it is alive!
And that point of 'sharing Jesus Christ,'
it surely will arrive!
For now, they may just need to know
a Savior DOES exist-
and such can come in many ways-
just see that it's not missed!

The masses move along,
each to a different 'song.'
Find one without a word
and 'ministry' is occurred!

Yea, a very busy and crowded place we abide in.  However, with Jesus Christ alive inside of us, we are enabled to hear and direct the masses around us.  We must only be available and tend to Holy Spirit's lead as we go!

Sunday, November 27, 2022


A lot of 'things' go on in our lives that we have no control over.  There is, however, ONE thing that we can say for CERTAIN about them: GOD KNOWS ALL ABOUT!  And He will NEVER abandon us!

'When I cannot see 'hope,' oh Lord,
You put it in plain sight!
When there is nothing positive,
in YOU, I take delight!
When life, it is frustrating me,
You help me sort it out,
and make sure I have plenty that
I can take joy about!

The pain the happened yesterday,
today I greatly feel.
But You embrace me with Your arms
as, to You, I appeal.
For You are greater far than
agony or all distress!
You chase away the demons and,
my life, You greatly bless!

I CANNOT make it through the day
without Your Presence, Lord.
Therefore, success becomes a way
of life, (and never bored!')
Life gives and takes--for this is true,
but Lord, when I 'belong,'
ANYTHING that happens just
contributes to Your song!

The happenings each day
God uses His own way!
And WE benefit the most!
Thus, in HIM, may we boast!

Oh, that everlasting 'hope' that we have in Jesus Christ!  No one or nothing will EVER take it away!  No sickness, disease, affliction or trial will EVER affect that hope!  In fact, it is THAT HOPE that gets us through all of them!
"Thank You, Jesus, for the HOPE that You are!"


Friday, November 25, 2022

"Black Friday"

"Black Friday."  Those of us in retail know the full meaning of it!  Before I 'join the fray,' I spend precious quiet time with God out in His creation, and we discuss the hours ahead...

The sun is lighting up the land
this WARM November day!
The store, it will be hopping due
Thanksgiving yesterday!
Thankful we remain before
I go in later on.
At that time, all vestiges
of 'rainstorm' will be gone!

But that is later.  For the moment,
out across the hills,
the paintbrush God has so provides
a multitude of thrills!
And the wildlife that He makes
that I see here-and-there
so entertain us with surprise-
for here, they are not rare!
No hunting is allowed upon
the acres 'round this place.
So, animals of many kind
can safely have their space.
Especially the elk that concentrate across that plain
that's just before the mountains start
to rise and entertain!

I converse with God Himself
here in the morning sun.
I praise Him for the awe and splendor
daily He has done!
And He instructs me how to better
the hours that wait ahead.
So wealthy and so fortunate
be ALL those 'Spirit-led!'

Yes, the working hours start this afternoon.  I know it's gonna be busy.  The day after Thanksgiving ALWAYS is!  And I know that I will need His wisdom and guidance to handle all the situations that will arise.  However, He is more than happy to give me His input on how to handle it all!


Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Yes, that day each November when we stop to give God thanks for WHO HE IS and all that He has done for us!  For some of us, 'thanksgiving' is an every-day event!  Oh, that this 'world' would see it that way!

The last week of November
with weather 'up and down!'
Last week, two layers of clothing were
required to move around!
Today, though, only short-sleeves HERE
are sufficing for the day
as folks gather all over the country
and send our thanks His way!

Yes, there is so much to be grateful for
as we reflect on such!
And most of it, it is provided
by Jesus and His touch!
For there is no way this man would know
the success that we enjoy,
unless submission to the Savior,
DAILY we employ!!
For God, He sees to it that we
have all we ever NEED!
He even sees to our DESIRES,
and blesses as we heed!
He is so very generous
to ALL who call His Name!
Oh, since this man got 'born-again,'
life's never been the same!!
And YOU can have the very same
to make it through each day
if you ask Jesus into your heart,
and live your life HIS WAY!
For 'Thanksgiving' will have a whole new meaning
each and every day,
as, in every part of your life,
Christ will be on display!

So...what is it that YOU are grateful for this day?  Is it just a 'day off from work that you still get paid for,' or is it an actual heart-change that affects your every moment?

The Road

Each and every one of us get up and go a different direction each day.  However, whether you know it or not, we are all on the SAME road.  Our actions on that road determine our future...

The road to where I'm going isn't
'boring' in any way!
For it contains the challenges
that come with each new day.
I MUST attend unto this route
with each sense I contain.
For each man is out on this route-
and it NEVER 'plain!'

The journey--it contains some wonder
hard to understand.
Too, it has many sights that He
constructs with His Own hand!
For they fill the 'peripheral' 
of my focal point,
and each and every one of them
my Father would anoint!

At every opportunity
I'm glancing here and there
finding His great fingerprints
utterly everywhere!
As I drive on, the ocean crashes
just off to my west.
Yet, on the right, the mountains soar!
All the while, upon the road,
the gamut is of life:
joy and gladness...utter boredom...
ecstasy and strife!

So, on the road that YOU are on,
find wonder everywhere,
as, most of the others in this world
look for their OWN care!

The road of Life.  Each of us is on it.  Each destination differs, BUT GOD has anointed the final destination!  It is up to each of us to choose HIS route!  If we do, the road becomes all the more exciting, as He will provide us with opportunity to help one another MOVE FORWARD...even if that means STOPPING COMPLETELY so one can heal and be able to move on!  Are YOU willing to heed HIS call?