Saturday, July 11, 2020


Yes, absence.  It is a painful is an even more painful 'experience.'  Often, it is not preventable.  Too often, however, it is...

"I haven't seen you for so many years,
yet, as I do, that absence disappears!
We still have so very much to talk about;
as we commune, o let not time run out!
For in the absence has happened many things;
and seeing you again such blessings brings!
How are you?  How are the kids?  Let's talk of life.
Too many sources only talk of strife.
Let's skip all that and focus on the 'good.'
Let's make some more GREAT memories if we could!

Too long is 'absence' over things that may be not.

Most have moved on, and now we have a spot
to start afresh, to love and to embrace,
all thanks to the abundance of God's grace!
Too many get a second chance at such,
yet they ignore those 'things' arranged by God's own touch!
Let's make sure that doesn't happen while we're here
and enjoy the here and now as Jesus passes near!"

Absence.  A painful time.  It can often be avoided but, due to silly things like pride, hurt feelings and such, too many people cling to that absence and try to 'justify' it.  

May we be slow to anger, quick to forgive, and savor the time we have with one another while we still have each other.

Friday, July 10, 2020

The New 'Normal?'

Around town...around the country...indeed, around the world, there is talk and proof of a 'new normal.'  ONE THING has caused almost everything else to shift or change!  One, however, changes not, and He is well aware of it all.

'Your ways are over and above;

Your motive is and will be LOVE!
Though 'happenings' are going on,
Your care for us is NEVER gone!
You see beyond this crisis now
while You maintain that solemn vow
to love, take care of and fight for us
as long as, in Your Son, we trust!
And even them not trusting yet:
the ones defying the love they get...
the ones who curse Your very Name...
You even love them all the same!

Yes, 'changed' to be the times that be,

but it won't last eternally.
"This, too, shall pass..." just like before
while yet Your standing at the door!'

Take heart, therefore, and carry on.

For someday, this plague will be gone
and Christ will stand victoriously!

Only ONE knows what each new day will bring.  It will rain and the just and the unjust.  The believer, however, has an assurance during this crisis like no one else has!  May we spread that assurance as much as possible!


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The issues of the Day

They seem to amass with each new day to pass.  UNLESS we turn them over to Him and let HIM handle them.  That's the ONLY way we will move on...

The issues that afflict me--
God knows about them each,
but He make sure each one of them
will, only so far, reach!
The shield of His protection,
the shelter of his arms
make sure those daily issues
do not cause any harms!

So is His care for ANYONE 

who calls upon His Name.
He is so great that He can care
for everyone the same!
But some would yet reject Him, thinking
they have their own way,
slow to learn the love and care
His Presence would convey!

The issues of this life--for there

is NOT a greater way
to face them and to handle them
than casting them God's way!
He never meant for us to travel 
on this road alone;
He wants to be inside, beside,
that victory be known!!

The issues of this life affect us all.  The issues of this day affect us all.  But those issues are no match for Him, as He already knows the outcome of them each.  Who are YOU going to depend on?


Monday, July 6, 2020

Precious Independence

A few days late...sorry!
Sure, we celebrated our freedom as a nation and we take that not for granted.  There is, however, another 'freedom' that only Christ can provide...

So glorious--the gift of
independence in this land!
We are free to move about and see
the workings of his hand!
Free to do that which we want,
to celebrate the same;
even free to gather and
to glorify God's Name!

Not everyone can make such claim

around this glorious world.
To do so in some places would
bring rocks and insults hurled!
For there are even places where
His praises induce death--
so fortunate we, as Americans,
to inhale freedom's breath!

And very blessed am I, as I

behold the day He's made;
to watch the mountain range afar
while relaxing in the shade
that comes so soon--before the chores
this new, free day would hold;
and He converses with me with
a freedom yet so bold!

Celebrating our independence on a glorious Sunday morning!  Giving thanks without end to The God Who provides independence...a liberty that goes beyond nationality!  Know God.  Know freedom that no law can affect!  He avails it yet to any and all who call on Jesus!


Saturday, July 4, 2020

Gift of Freedom

So gifted, so wealthy, so incredibly blessed we are to live in this country!  If you are reading these words, please include a prayer of thanks to God this day as you celebrate for the liberty that we have...'s a priceless gift
that's realized by so few.
is that because, to such as we,
it never has been 'new?'
or is it because we're also free
to be apathetic?
How any dare to savor such
and be 'patriotic?'

Gifted we be with the freedoms

that we so enjoy.
May we be careful so that
gratitude we would employ
unto The God providing such--
for it is borne of His great love
and meted by His touch!
Sure, we've had to fight for such,
and some be yet in strife
for the liberties we know
that cost many a life!
Have I ever realized this
while going through the day?
I need to stop daily and, 
for the embattled, pray!

The precious gift of freedom--for

we celebrate it so!
And we keep in heart the many that,
said freedoms, are yet to know!
NEVER take for granted just
how gifted this country be.
God alone to set the stage
for our precious liberty!

"Thank You, Lord, for the freedoms we enjoy.  We thank YOU, Lord, because we know that it is only by YOUR direction that the founders could have come up with our way of life.  Please help those, Lord, that are yet to know such precious freedom!


Friday, July 3, 2020

What a beautiful word!

Oh how beautiful and wonderful is the sound of that word!  May we not let the attitudes or actions of certain others affect that right now!

We celebrate our freedom in many ways.
We have to do it, though, differently these days!
But our liberty shall NOT be overcome--
for we STILL have far more privilege than some!
For God, He's blessed us in so many ways!
Therefore, constant, unto Him, shall be our praise!
And He is worthy of each living word!
To be ungrateful would yet be so absurd!

We have the liberty to celebrate...

we even have the freedom to berate!
And, lately, some have used that liberty;
but do we truly know how 'privileged' we be?
For I have many friends that yearn for such.
They live in places that 'liberty' can't touch!
The lifestyle we enjoy--for such they long;
may we pray for them as we sing freedom's song!

Yes, we celebrate our freedom in many ways.

The greatest of which to be unending praise
to Jesus Christ Who sealed a 'liberty'
that no man nor document could guarantee!
So celebrate with praise inside your heart!
And give glory unto God: HOW GREAT THOU ART
for allowing us the grace to live this way!
"O Father, please bless and protect this U.S.A.!"

Yes, we are a blessed country indeed.  No matter what party you belong matter how you feel about whomever...we are FREE to do so!  That is a privilege denied to many.  May we NEVER take such for granted, and NEVER lose sight of those who do not have it so well.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Too early?

Out on the deck with coffee.  Too early for some...others already at work...but at this hour the heart of the poet cries out

"Good morning, gracious Father!
Once more, so glorious day!
Creation touts Your majesty
in spectrum of display!
The rising sun...the song of bird...
the vast array of tree...
oh how can life do anything 
but resonate melody!
For You have made another cycle
of life as we know
to fully turn into this moment
of worship to bestow!
From limbs and boughs and branches,
and from the ground and sky--
all to harmonize in praise
and aptly prophesy!

And man would add his voice to the

crescendo that is 'morning'
as he beholds tone and spectacle
with which You be adorning!
The glory and the wonder--they
belong to You alone;
and grateful all the day we be
that You have shared Your Own!

Yes, good morning, gracious Father!

A great day is surely due
simply knowing Your great love
and that we belong to You!"

Too early?  Not for the company of Creator God!  He meets me here before anything else and we commune.  NEVER miss out on such wondrous matter what time of day it is, God is ALWAYS available!