Saturday, July 2, 2022

So...THIS is 'Progress?!'

The ways of the world in the days that are.  Hmmm...  I can't even instruct you or direct you without fear of "abusing your rights!"  WHAT HAPPENED?!

So very many people,

all going different ways;
"we can't deter them or distract them!"
so say these final days!
"'I know what is best for me,'
that's how I'll live my life!
Who cares if it's against God's Word
or brings my neighbor strife!"

So very many people...
The Golden Rule has disappeared,
and 'order' has gone astray!
'Get as much as you can get
regardless how you get it!'
'To treat as you would be treated?'
you might as well forget it!

The sense of 'right' and 'wrong' unto
each man did God impart.
Implanted in each heart that we,
from His ways, not depart.
It seems some have turned off that sense
so they can go their way;
BUT GOD, He will inquire such
when we face Him That Day!

So very many people--
the same rules yet apply.
And we must answer for each action
there beyond the sky!
Will YOU hesitate at all
when YOU stand heart-to-heart?
Your very soul, it knows that answer
before you even start!

For some, that involves some soul-searching.  For others, it is blatantly obvious!  However, it is a place that every one of us will stand when God says it's time.  Live with integrity, my friend.  That way, you will have no THIS life or the NEXT!

Friday, July 1, 2022

This morning tonight!

Too often, it seems, I get things kinda backwards!  God will give me several words in the morning, and I won't have an opportunity to assembly and post them until late at night.  Such it is once again...

Morning dawns across the hills
that house the mighty lake.
Stillness be yet absent, though,
as witnessed by the wake!
It gently blows across the deck
that overlooks it all;
Jesus--He has joined me here
as I've obeyed His Call.
We fellowship this morning before
day can have effect.
So that, upon all that He says,
I'm able to reflect.
I know what's waiting later when
I enter in the fray--
that makes so much more valuable
this precious time of day!

I have questions, He has answers
that I need to hear
to minister to others and
alleviate THEIR fear.
It may be simple but, to one,
it may be so profound!
It may be gentle but, to one,
it be the perfect sound.
And we talk about the birds, the deer,
the trees, the cloud, the lake...
all before that daily trip
down into town I make.

Oh...priceless time that cannot be obtained any other way!  It only comes as I set aside part of my day to be with Him!  And He is ALWAYS faithful to show up!


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sometimes, it takes children!

So very welcome in this life: uncontrollable laughter!  That kind of 'laughter' that comes when all is left behind and the focus is on the task at hand.  The task this time?  Family game night!!  "Sure, it's just to entertain the kids..."  Yea, right!!

The cards are dealt.  A spin upon 
a game that's been around.
A game that, by a 12yr old
grandchild has been found.
He spent his hard-earned money on
a 'thing' to draw us in;
laughter so hard from these folks--
so very long it's been!!
And lessons learned by all involved
in simple entertainment;
(oh, but the laughter it produced
could not know mere containment!)

How wonderful, a thing so simple
to draw us all together!
So welcome in the world that is,
so filled with different weather.
Six people sitting around a table
involved in playing cards;
joy and jubilation, 'round
that table, so bombards!

Too simple?  Spending time with kids
and precious family
distracting from all other life?
No other simile!
So simple...yet so complicated
unto too many men;
but found so simple and so welcome
amongst the closest kin!

Seek ye that simplicity that generates so much laughter and fun that it detracts from the 'daily  everyday!'

A Break in the Rush

Even before I walk out on the deck, I can hear them!  The birds are celebrating the life that God has provided them, and it is such a welcome sound compared to the 'sounds' of labor today!

The song of birds to once again
join life on this fine day
as I behold His handiwork
abundant on display!
There's something wrong!  The scorching heat
is missing from the scene!
Life is cool and comfortable,
peaceful and serene!
That winged song is so clearly seen
and definitely heard;
melody unnecessary,
and perfect more than 'word!'
And deer, they frolic all about
in the sun of afternoon,
God is here, without a doubt,
to join us and commune.
He leaves His fingerprints upon
so very much of living-
seeing that His faithful ones
continue freely giving.
For He so freely gives of life
upon this glory day:
in beauty, wildlife and scenes
abundant, on display!

Life--so busy and so bustling,
but gentle for a spell.
Enjoy it all--for just how long
it lasts, no one can tell!
But it is needed and so loved
at this part of the day!
O look for these oasises
but everywhere each day!

They are available, you know?  AND NECESSARY!  God has provided them.  It is up to us, however, to take advantage of them and enjoy!  Slow down, brother.  You can make time for THIS!

Monday, June 27, 2022


"R.E.S.P.E.C.T."  No, it's not just a popular song, it is a way of living that reaps benefits from THE Loving God!  Unfortunately, some find it unnecessary these days, while others feel that they are 'owed' it!  Those who make it a way of life are the ones that will benefit the most!

Respect--it must be taught and learned
but each and every day.
In so doing, you'll stand out
above what ANY say!
The same, it must be demonstrated
as you daily live;
regardless what you may receive,
far better can you GIVE!
And such may go against the grain
of the world we're in,
and that's because the tendency
of THIS world is to sin!
But we're a chosen generation,
set apart, above;
and the motive of OUR hearts
SHOULD be respect and love!
Such be so engrained by Him
in Whom we have new life;
any less will only generate
more grievous strife!

Respect--it is 'reciprocal,'
and so desired deep!
Give it every chance you get
and, life-long friends, you'll keep!
And a godly reputation
follows you ALWAYS,
even in the ups-and-downs
here in the latter days!

It is so true: 'you reap what you sow.'  Oh, my friend, but I have truly found that God gives so much  more than you can EVER 'give!'  His abundance follows them that attempt to do their best to live by His ways!  Even if that means giving 'respect' to them that others may see as 'undeserving.'

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Before the "Busy!"

This is several hours late, so 'pretend' as you read it...

Saturday morning in the Ozarks.  The coffee is ready, and the back porch is perfect for Jesus and I!

The sunlight makes the feeders of
the hummingbirds light up!
They dart and dash here in the dawn
before the temp goes up!
The others have to wait until
my truck unloads today;
the squirrels are in protest while
the birds just sing away!

The Lord and I commune here while
they zip from tree to tree
sampling that red mixture
availed so very free!
So entertaining are they with
each action and each antic;
diving at the cats around,
making them so 'frantic!'

Early morning Saturday--
the sun upon the rise;
I look about, adoring billows
He spreads through the skies.
And I pray about the plans He has
for us throughout the day,
and speak with Him of the gifts
already come my way!

After coffee and devotion,
into town I'll go
taking care of them that come
and get the food to grow.
I'll serve them with a smile, with hopes
of bettering their day
with service and a smile as
they go upon their way!

What a wonderful way to start the day: sipping coffee and watching Him create life by hand!  Take time to do the same...FOR YOURSELF!  We ALL need this precious time in the days that are!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Not Another!

You are one-of-a-kind!  You are are are quite handy to have around...and I am so very blessed to be married to you, Debby Busby!

There will not be another 'you,'
there will not be another 'me;'
therefore, the least that we can do
is be the best that we can be!
Not everybody in this life
has this 'agenda' in the heart;
but if WE do, no matter what,
a greater life could we impart!

For God, alone, puts two together,
compatible, that get along;
time invested brings dividends
like lyrics to a perfect song!
That song takes time to put together-
word-by-word then verse-by-verse;
once that's complete then it takes years,
that precious melody, to rehearse!

You are STILL the beautiful 'you,'
I am still, well...I'm still me!
And, with God inside our hearts,
just look how many years have we!!
"Thank You, God, for this accord
You ordered before time began!
It is so very rare in these times,
and I'm so very blessed a man!"

Over 40 years together.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?!  I am very pleased and happy with you, Mrs. spite of our spite of what this life throws at spite of ANY shortcomings you feel you have, I LOVE YOU and thank God daily for you!  I AM SO BLESSED!