Friday, January 15, 2021

This Day's Requirements

Life again to challenge.  Do you have any idea how to respond?  Of a truth, complexities are present right now that NONE of us have had practice dealing with.  BUT GOD is present also, and He knows exactly the what, when and how of all that is!  Can one have peace and joy in the days that are?

There is a great complexity:

joy within the storm!
While the vast majority,
to panic, may conform,
there's yet a joy, a perfect peace
that overshadows all,
it's found inside believing in
The God of wherewithal!

Knowing He is knowing causes
peace availed nowhere;
and joy unspeakable is a
by-product of His care!
Though issues and situations seem 
to grow and grow and grow,
much greater is what GOD established--
THIS we surely know!!

All of such is on my mind
as I behold the day:
the glory and the majesty
so clearly on display
in the meadows...valleys...mountains...
even folks upon the way;
on THIS focus, and so keep
anxieties at bay!

The wonders that God avails.  There is no shortage of them, nor is there a limit to His great care for us!  If you are in need of Him, just call His Name!  He is right there with whatever the heart requires, and He sees the end from the beginning!!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Sight so living!

The view alive.  He provides it anew all the day long as we go about accomplishing that which we are assigned.  It varies for each one of us, and here is the one I have right now...

Festivity belongs to me
way down, down in my heart!
He places joy so deep within
that it cannot depart!
Joy in the much finer things
that very few can buy...
joy in the most little things
that many just pass by
like the appreciation of
the sight before my eyes:
the deer upon the meadow
underneath the clear, blue skies.
I'll capture verse before I aim
and take the perfect shot
and, later, have the photo that
so very few have got!
And such sight to be festivity
to my eyes and my friends.
I'll share it from the office when
my time down there begins.
But right now, it is shared with me
as We spend time together.
Festivity to surely be,
regardless of the weather!

Yes, get done what you must, but don't forget to take note of the wonders that God, Himself, places all about you each day!


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Priceless Time

Another successful day...and I am beat!  Business was brisk...tasks were undertaken and accomplished...and I have a time set aside for the Lord and I alone, so He walks with me...

Walking slowly through the trees

now glistening with ice.
The sun to set the same aglow--
a sight without a price!
I MUST take such a time as this
before 'time' has its way;
for I KNOW that such will happen as,
too busy, be the day!
BUT GOD, He makes this time and place
to visit and commune,
as He KNOWS that the days that are
be fast...and gone too soon!
But time with Him, and Him alone,
is perfect preparation,
and, ANYTIME, such time as this
is prefect reparation

Whenever is this time with Him
as you go through your day,
there is ALWAYS something new and fresh
to keep us on The Way!
O take ye not for granted such,
it has too high a worth!
Time with God--the One Who knew you
even before your birth!

Yes, this special time is sure-fire preparation for the day...but the sun just went down, and it is just as valuable right now!  Walking with God, talking about the day, and listening to His response.  There be no greater rejuvenation!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Which way are YOU looking?

Everywhere we seem to look these days, there is damage, corruption or hopelessness.  EVERYWHERE we look?  Or is it only what the media is focused on?  Hmm.  I know another Place to look, and it is rife with hope!  THE WORD OF GOD!

O praise the Lord, ye people!  Ye that,
to Him, so belong!
While all the world is clamorous noise,
in YOU He puts a song!
He will not let the 'chatter' drown
the music you contain;
and, in the tumult, He is right there,
taking on your pain!

Praise the Lord, O Israel!
Praise your God, o Zion!
Amidst the beasts a-running wild,
He is The Mighty Lion!!
Naught shall bring Him to His knees,
nor attack from any side!
See to it that Your heart and trust,
in Him alone, abide!!

Yes, praise the Lord, ye fading world!
Only His belongings are
to prosper...not just 'cope!'
He said the days that are would be,
but He did not stop there!
LOOK UP!  LOOK UP!  A Perfect Place
is coming from somewhere!!

Yes, praise the Lord, ye people, and
let not your praises end!
Regardless how the 'present' looks,
your future is with The Friend!!

Cling to that hope, my friend!  God's Word says it!  BELIEVE IT!  For victory is already settled for all of them that call Jesus "Savior!"  Any day now...


Monday, January 11, 2021

Word of Beauty!

So is the Word of God to those of us who do our best to live by it!  By IT?  No, no, HIM!

"Oh Word of God, so guiding,
oh Word of God so wise,
You partner with me as I talk
to Him beyond the skies
revealing unto me the Power,
revealing to me the Awe,
revealing, once again, His care
and upholding His Great Law!

Parting living pages now
so early in the day,
I am afforded yet again
what is the perfect way
to live the life before me,
to face what's yet to be;
assurances and what to do
with issues I will see!

So living is the Law of Love:
There is a truth on which to stand
with each verse to arrive!
'COME QUICKLY!'  oh so often cry
those pages so ordained!
So fortunate be such as we
those Pages have remained!

Oh Word of God, so beautiful,
my fortress and retreat!
Before the day is manufactured,
You make me so complete!"

LIFE.  That is what God's Word is to me, and life abundant!  Partake of Him each day, especially considering the days that we are in!  He is just as relevant right now as He has forever been!


Sunday, January 10, 2021


Another day.  The optimist sees it as 'another opportunity.'  Most of us would see it as an opportunity to do good and bless another.  There be a small group, however, who see it differently.  Let them not hinder the good that dwells inside of you!  When they DO get you down, remember...

Beyond the life that we have come to know,

perfection only is to come and go!
It is too wonderful to be described,
and, to God only, is the same ascribed!
There is nothing to be afraid of in That Place,
and we will see our Savior face-to-face!
No longer be it 'darkly, through a glass;'
and, no longer, any trials to amass!!

O how can words, so limited,
describe that which He's got?!
There is no way for to portray
that great, celestial plot!!
I may be a man of verses with
no limit unto word,
but capturing the truth of Heaven
has not yet occurred!
Oh, but spurred ahead, be I
to catch that perfect verse
describing what God promises,
which NO MAN can rehearse!!
But glimpses of The Glory grants He
all along the way
to keep us yearning for That Life,
that way beyond the day!!

"EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"  So cries out the yearning soul as the days go by!  The longer I live, the more I desire that life avowed to me by Him when I repented of my sins!  Keep crying out for it with me, won't you: "EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

Saturday, January 9, 2021


Places to go...people to see...issues to take care of...  And as we do so, one thing becomes more and more apparent:

How can I make brighter that
which they are going through?
With Jesus Christ alive inside--
He tells me what to do!
For we are blessed with weapons given
not to any other;
it is our calling to assist
with struggles of another.
And it would cost us only 'time'
to help with someone's day!
It's downright WRONG to see their trouble
and just turn away!
Each of us must answer someday
for our every deed.
Why not make sure the same are 'good'
and help out those in need?
For it may only take a 'smile'
to turn someone around...
and even in just 'listening'
can a change of day be found!
All of these are given to us
from Him Who gave His all.
Make bright the days of those you see--
they are everywhere at all!

"Oh Lord, You are The Light!
You make my day so bright!
Shine through me to the end,
regardless foe or friend!"

We don't have to look very far to realize that this world is in dire need of Light!  It is completely our decision to be part of the problem or part of the solution!