Saturday, January 25, 2020

Live best!

Jesus never fails.  God always provides.  His power, love and authority NEVER fluctuate!

"You know what is to be before it happens.

You offer all that we need to prepare.
There never is occasion of 'disaster'
when Your Presence is not already there!
And not will come a thing You're not aware of,
though people, they may panic in surprise;
You know the situation absolutely
as You've already seen it with your eyes.

Though we have 'news' that's broadcast without end,

You knew of it and You know what will come;
thus absolute faith in You at all hours--
it SHOULD be the most sensible of sum!
Yet here we sit, glued to our favorite channel
watching...waiting...worrying what's next!
Your very Word declares each day is ordered,
so why be we surprised and so perplexed?!
All that we will see today has happened
if we look upon it through YOUR time!
Therefore, we should comfort one another,
and encourage each other through this paradigm.
We pray for others as we cry "COME QUICKLY!"
as You have commanded us to do.
We do what we are capable of and called to
KNOWING that all else is up to YOU!"

God was.  God is.  God is to come!  Life is a constancy that we simply cannot grasp.  We must simply live the moment, savor what we can and do our best.  I find that this is quite difficult for some.


Friday, January 24, 2020

I know!

"I understand."
How comforting it is to hear those words and sense that they are coming from the heart.  Each and every one of us has need of such in this life.  Too often, however, one can only sense that when they are with Jesus.

I used to be just like you;
in some ways still am I.
But something happened deep in me
now I'm a different guy?
I am no better than you are, 
I go through all the same,
BUT GOD, He's caused me to excel--
all glory to His name!

I used to be just like you.

Am I any better?
To look at it THAT way, the same,
it would become a fetter!
He wants you just the way you are
and He'll do all the rest;
retaining His humility
that others may be blessed!

Yes, I used to be just like you,

and I have something you need!
May we break bread together and
let Jesus intercede!
I understand.  I empathize.
I know how you are treated.
Come--there is One place to go
where such won't be repeated.

As 'Christians,' we are to be like Jesus: understanding and not judging.  Once one learns that we will listen and we care, they may just desire The One Who dwells in our heart!

So we are called...

Thursday, January 23, 2020

That Vital Intimacy

Relationships.  All of us have them.  Are some more valuable than others?  Should they be?  There is ONE relationship, however, that IS more valuable than any other, and it is vital in the days that are...
Intimacy once more--
fellowship with God.
When I speak of our relationship
some find it very odd.
But those who have a healthy, vibrant
life with Jesus Christ
hear me talk about the Lord
and give it no thought twice!
Some, however, find quite foreign
such relationship;
the same be first to second-guess,
the same to often quip.
BUT GOD, He knows the heart of me
and how I need Him so;
encouraging this man to help others,
that same God, to know!

Would 'intimate' describe the way

that YOU relate to God?
Or does that term, in reference to him,
strike even you as odd?
BUT GOD, He wants to know you that way,
whomever you may be!
And He avails Himself in whole
to ALL who dare to see!

So wonderful.  So beautiful.  So very far from 'ordinary' and 'ritual' be God Most High's affection and desire for you. EVEN YOU!  Trust Him and see what a difference Jesus WILL make in your life!


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

But there is JOY!!

Regardless of the trials and tribulations of this life, there is a constant available to all that will enable any to withstand whatever.  His Name is Jesus.  And HE IS JOY!
There is joy without limit
availed to us each day.
It overshadows every
obstacle along the way!
It even causes music where
it has not been before!
and that Joy--it always has been
and shall be evermore!

That Joy--His Name is Jesus and

He's more than anything!
Regardless situation, Joy
unspeakable He brings!
He is not unaware of oh
the days and times that are,
but His joyous Presence in them all
will get you very far!
Even in the empty place
when you feel all alone,
Jesus Christ is present there
and His joy can be known!

Yes, there be Joy so independent

from this life each day;
yet given, in abundance, to us
all along the way!
Jesus is The Joy that does not
ever dissipate!
He will escort through all of 'time'
as He's immune from 'date!

Life happens.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Inadequacies are.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Things go on EVERY DAY that are not fair.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Get to know that Joy for YOUR each and every moment.  HIS NAME IS JESUS, and He will NEVER let you down!


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Contents Within

Today was very busy with business.  Today required quite a bit to be each of us!  As we did those things, was anyone affected...

What manner of content has one within?

The same be told that which flows without.
The issues that are thought of, spoken or done,
they are the gauge of what's in anyone.
For even when there is no else around
THERE the measure of a heart be found!

'Integrity' become an endangered species?

'My words and actions affect only this one!'
Such attitudes abounding in the present
just cannot fathom the damage that is done!
Each of us be responsible for our actions,
(and the repercussions of the same!)
Make sure that Jesus has rein of our passions,
lest it be HIS reputation we defame!

Daily, indeed, constantly we have a duty
to live out love in unfamiliar places.
In doing so we bless so many others...
in doing so we demonstrate His graces!
In doing so, the content THEY have within
might even be transformed and Life be found!
Daily, therefore, constantly live boldly
KNOWING you're secure on holy ground!

Today was so very busy.  I did business with almost 1,000 people. Sure, money exchanged hands, but is that all that they recall of me today?  If so, today was not successful at all.

Monday, January 20, 2020

These Complicated Days

So they are.  BUT GOD has given us a special ability to develop something to help one another through these days.  Have YOU discovered what that is yet?

How many complications be

in 'just another day...?'
As time goes by, does
'simplicity' go by the way?
With progress and advancement come
such headache, it would seem,
the 'easier' life does become,
the more be the extreme?

Simpler times.  Simpler things

like 'trust,' 'manners' and 'care.'
All would seem to disappear
as we, advancement, dare!
The more 'convenient' life becomes,
the less we need each other?
O be there NEVER a time we have no need
of a friend or brother!!

Yes, life is complicated and

more so it seems each day,
which is exactly why we need
each other on the way!
God has designed us so that,
one another, we attend.
In doing so, we so become
a thing that He calls "friend."

I need friends.  You need friends.  We each need one another, and we ALL have need of God!  I can be that friend, but only God can fill that void that remains.  Will you allow Him to?


Sunday, January 19, 2020

What to do with 'hurt'

How wonderful it is to 'belong!'  With Jesus Christ as Your Savior, whatever life may throw your way you will be able to tolerate, endure, or even say "Here, Lord, You take this.  I can't handle it."

Though great may be the pain, I will rejoice.

Though no man may explain, I have a choice.
The very One providing me with song,
He knows just what to do and all that's wrong!
Yea, the One Who gives the constant song to me
is wiser than any man could ever be;
He made, with His Own hands, (and THAT not plain!)
anything that, for the moment, is feeling pain.

What be the sickness...whatever be the disease...
whatever the cause, He's more than any of these!
His touch, His Blood, His very Word they will suffice!

Though great may be the pain, He is so much more!
And I will praise Him--even if I am sore!
And I will praise Him in that Glory place
where, pain and sickness all, He will erase!
For Jesus--He is everything to me,
and He shall be throughout all eternity!
And minimal be this amount of pain
compared to the perfection that we will gain!

We all go through different things every day.  God knows this.  He knew it even before He created creation!  So He made Provision for it through the precious Blood of Jesus Christ His Son!
Whatever YOU are going through, talk to God about it.  He already fully knows about it, but LISTEN for Him to answer!  He always does!