Saturday, September 26, 2020

Seeing more than sight!

Each of us has opportunity to do such whenever we gaze out at God's great creation.  Make sure you take time often to do such, especially THIS season!

I look out on this afternoon
unto the massive trees;
they gently wave at Father God
with just the slightest breeze!
They house our feathered friends and more
within their massive arms;
and, if a storm approaches us,
the same become alarms.
And in the days that are, as autumn
starts to come of age,
the leaves reveal a gentle burn
that will become a rage!
But not just yet--they serve as backdrop
as I worship God.
I praise and glorify Him and,
His handiwork, applaud!
As we commune before the trees
and talk about the day,
He whispers, o so subtly
and they gently sway!

So generous be Creator God,
the Maker of all things,
to freely share with us His trees
of which the privy sings!
Less wealthy be the ones who pass
them by without a note;
for, of their awe and splendor,
o so very much is wrote!

So grand and glorious be the land as autumn begins to don her garments!  So blessed and highly favored them that are fortunate enough to behold such!


Friday, September 25, 2020

Glories so grand! is done once again.  As I recline before His creation, He instructs me to get my pen as He describes to me...

"So lofty be Your dwelling place,
ornate and o so grand!
Beyond imagination, more
than ANY understand!
But how, Lord, can a learned man,
(much less a lowly poet!)
of the grandeur of You or
Your habitation, come to know it?!
It comes alone as I spend time 
in Your Presence and Your Word,
and even as Your lovely voice is,
by my spirit, heard!

The secrets oh most valuable--
they are NOT out of reach!
They are availed unto the faithful--
Holy Spirit--He would teach!
O spend time in the Presence speaking,
listening, as well;
you will be all the richer, friend;
but time, but time will tell!

Getting to know God and the wonders that await.  It does take time, a most precious commodity, and it is availed in His Presence and in His Word.  Make sure you take time to partake of each daily!  

Thursday, September 24, 2020

That Daily BATTLE!

Like it or not, there is one going on.  If you are unaware of it, then you are either oblivious or you have found THE SECRET!!

There is a battle going on--
a battle for our TIME!
The more advanced--the busier!
More difficult to rhyme!
Especially the home front--
those deserving time the most!
This world would have each one of us
to each be so engrossed!!
BUT GOD, He means for 'balance' to be
in EVERY part of life.
He has the perfect way for us
to live above the strife!

So many are the issues that
would get us so involved,
but yielding our time to HIS lead
makes each day to be solved!
Regardless of your 'title' or
the business you are in,
ask Him to lead, give Him the reins
and progress will begin!

However, it takes effort on
our part to gain control.
Turn off the noise...attempt to focus...
HE will make you whole!
Leave work AT work and savor time
with family and friends,
help one another, lend a hand,
and watch as peace begins!

It's a busy world.  It's an uptight world.  It's a frantic world.  However, with God in control it can be a beautiful world!  You must DECIDE that you are going to relinquish that control to Him.  For a lot of folks I know, that's a difficult thing to do.  It IS a necessity, however!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Another beautiful day that God created.  One more day accomplishing the task assigned to me.  Success.  But what if it goes another way?  A way we had not planned?  Hmmm...

When situations go awry,
when things are not 'alright...'
when failure appears so evident
and I can't make things aright...
encouragement from friends and family
only do so much;
however, the voice of God Most High
contains the perfect touch!

I may not have succeeded in
the world's fickle sight,
but in the eyes of Father God
I still be a delight!
His affirmations to the heart
are far beyond a price!
And His embrace throughout the day
does certainly suffice!

Whenever I have done my best,
regardless of the sum,
God celebrates this man, inviting
me to freely come!
He realizes more than anyone
the effort I've put out;
serving Him--no matter what--
is what it's all about!

You put in a full day's work, you did your best and MAN is still not happy with you.  SO WHAT!  You set out to accomplish something, and LIFE got in the way!  THAT'S LIFE!  As long as YOU know you gave your all, that's what matters to God!  And even when you feel that you could have done better, He STILL loves you and accepts you!  And that's the greatest satisfaction there can be!


Monday, September 21, 2020

Coastal Dawn

Rising early, I make my coffee, take care of a few things and then step out onto the back deck.  The view from here is amazing, and the Company is like no other!!

The breakers roll and crash
against the rugged shore...
they evidence, so well, this day
that seasons change once more.
The usual be but swimming trunks
upon this daily stop,
but, on THIS day, the shirt and pants
most certainly won't drop!
The autumn wind has got a bite,
and heavy from the north;
the hardiest of surfers will,
this day, dare to go forth!
And NONE to walk along the shore
this early in the day;
perhaps they, too, can sense the season
as it comes our way.
The fishing boats, however, they are
busy early on;
the catch be now so plentiful
so they left port before dawn!
They'll get their limit early and
begin to head to port...
but I will sip my coffee and
enjoy The Lord's report!
For He and I, we often meet here
and at ANY hour!
I worship Him, converse with Him,
and receive His power!
For it is such that causes me
success throughout the day:
setting time aside for Him

Not everyone can have a view such as this.  I am so blessed!  Everyone can, however, enjoy the company of Jesus wherever they may be!  Call His Name and invite Him to start the day with you.  I promise you, the day will certainly go smoother!


Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Daily Reward

Aaaahhh....the rest of the day off.  Get in the car.  A 10 minute drive.  Home, away from everything and...there it is!

So vast and mighty be the mountains
from upon the plain!
Gazing at them after work
goes so far to sustain!
After the duties...after the drama...
away from all the 'news...'
time may have dragged, but now I enjoy
the awe of landscape views!

Yea, rush me not as I commune
with Him Who makes the sights!
He joins me on the patio
and savors my delights!
As I describe the vast expanse
ahead that goes for miles,
He says to me "I know, My son,"
and looks at me and smiles!

The meadows and the mountain range
upon a sunny day--
so very perfect an escape
from the frantic fray;
provided, though, but everyday
unto me without price,
and unto ALL--make sure that, such,
YOU do not sacrifice!

Too many people I know and talk with are trying to accumulate as much as they can as fast as they can...whatever the price!  In doing so, however, they have no time to enjoy such simple wonders!  Make sure that YOU are not one of them!


Saturday, September 19, 2020

That Question...AGAIN!

Yes, again we find ourselves regressing to a former place.  A painful place.  An ugly place.  Will YOU join the crowd, or will you make a difference?

"Who then is my brother?"
Is the question YET to lurk?!
One plague to make us equal each--
no status, station or work!
If I must even ponder such,
then I have missed the mark,
and all the light of God inside me
surely has lost its spark!

For RIGHT NOW is a time that we
should need each other most.
But some attempt to repel ANYONE
by word or deed or post!
Vessels developed for this age
to draw each other close
have turned to podiums of wrath
with terms and words so gross!!

How can I have a friend if I,
myself, refuse to be?!
The love of God CANNOT shine forth
if hatred spews from me!!
And not just word, but 'looks' and 'deeds,'
THEY speak so very much!
And, in the same, it's impossible
to evidence Jesus' touch!

How can I be a 'brother?'
But it is the greatest call!
I've got to let HIM shine through 'living,'
and 'live' in front of ALL!

We all have occupations, assignments or duties in this life.  Do we do them begrudgingly, or do we go about our day with His Light shining forth?  Of a truth, too many moments of darkness have made their way to the forefront, and too many outlets are glorifying them.  BUT THERE IS GOOD!!  And GOOD shall prevail, regardless what you've heard!