Saturday, August 24, 2019

Beyond appearances

Life is always BEAUTIFUL when we are spending time with God!  That same life is not always as beautiful as we go about our daily routine.  BUT GOD is with us even then!

Amidst the daily toil and trial

there is success to know;
even when the things that rise,
our way, don't always go;
for God, He is aware of all
that goes on in our day,
and He has vowed that He will ALWAYS,
right beside us, stay!
Even when that confrontation
seems to go awry...
even when the cupboards seem
so barren and so dry...
even when the pain is so great
we can hardly stand
we have His assurance that
we are inside His hand!

What a blessed promise have we

as we so belong
to Him Who has complete control,
to Him Who is our Song!
For therein lies the beauty sometimes
not seen, felt or heard. 
God Most High--He gives His all,
and settled is His Word!

Do YOU have those days when it seems like God is far away or busy with everyone but you?  Then you are completely normal, and He has you in the palm of His hand!

Don't give up.  Keep trusting.  Keep pressing on.  He will show you why eventually.

Friday, August 23, 2019

In HIS Strength...

Life gives and takes.  God always gives.
Situations change.  God changes not!
No matter what we are going through, we can KNOW that God is right there with us and He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us!  He never fails!

"Once again, my strength is gone--
You offer me Your own.
The day, for it was busy, Lord,
but You were not unknown!
You carried me and gave me joy
to share with everyone;
You even hold me as I type this
now that day is done!
There is no way I could survive
without Your constant care!
You even give me life I can,
with others, freely share!
Any 'glory' I received
while tending to the work--
it be deflected unto You,
and no assignment shirk!
And now, as I am spent once more,
Your arms are my retreat
whence I can be refilled and healed,
and be made complete!
Yes, YOUR strength and Your resolve is what
each patron saw today;
as it is YOU that be mine All
each step along The Way!"

Today was quite busy and quite successful...but only because of Who He is inside of me as I did what was expected of me!  Again, GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Brand New Opportunity

God's matchless grace and favor.
So grateful that it is dependent upon no 'thing' that we can do or this world can do to us!  It is evident yet again as I open my eyes and look around...

Life is yet anew once more

with glory and with grace.
Resplendent with more means to prosper
and to see His face;
even birds to recognize it
as they brightly sing...
oh, but not before I go to Him
with my first offering!

The first part of my day is spent

is precious visitation.
Communing with my Father--
cultivating that relation!
If it were not for His great grace
and purpose for this man,
I would not know such Presence, purpose,
or one more day began!

Whatever did or did not happen

in the yesterday,
it is behind us as He gives,
to ALL, a brand new way!
And it is up to us to trust Him
with the time that's NOW!
Praise Him...hear on Him
in the moments that allow!

Good Morning.  GOOD morning!  Yes, that's what it is, and regardless what the next _______ hours contain, He does and will remain good, availing Himself constantly through it all!.

Make him part of every part of your new day!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Almost over

Yes, day is winding down.  But not before God has the final say, and He does so in His spectacular way...

The sky is orange against the storm
that rumbles as it rolls!
The rainbow that is full right now
is touching many souls!
All as God contains the storm
inside His mighty palm
so inducing wonderment
and precious, healing calm!

Halted once again for to
behold His mighty hand!
This time, as He takes a storm
and sweeps across the land!
The thunder and the lightning...
the setting sun behind...
cause the pen and paper,
once again, a verse to find!

Rush the moment not as He
paints yet another eve
with colors and with elements
too almost not believe!
Oh, but HIS reality
is right before the eyes
of any who would give Him time,
His awe to realize!!

Day is done again.  The elements, however, are not!  And God is using them to amaze and inspire words and verses!  Do you have time to listen?

Monday, August 19, 2019

YOUR resolve!

There is so much peace in KNOWING that God is in control.  It doesn't mean that everything is going to go our way, but when it does not He provides peace and patience in the assurance that He already has everything settled.
Can you handle that?

Looking far beyond the sight

that dares attempt to daunt...
seeing victory when defeat
would parade and flaunt...
KNOWING Him to Whom each step
belongs upon The Way;
it keeps us moving forward THROUGH
the challenges each day!

Whoever said a perfect path

would be once we are saved
missed what He said when He described
just how the road is paved!
But He leaves us not Comfortless
as we press on ahead:
His Holy Spirit girts us and
protects us as we're led!
Therefore does joy exist even
amidst the roughest storm!
We must focus on HIS goal and,
to HIS ways, conform!
For therein lies the victory
to carry each man through--
Jesus Christ alone be praised
and God gets honor due!

We MUST resolve to press on, my friends, not in our strength, but the strength that never wanes or wavers--the strength of God through Jesus Christ inside of us!


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Your Direction

"I can't 'feel' it..."  "It's not happening here..."  "There must be more than this..."

Have you ever found yourself saying this to yourself or aloud as you serve the Lord?  I surely have!  But guess what?  He's not going to act or react the way that we expect Him to!  Yes, He is dependable.  But the same God "that changes not" is also the same God with "mercies that are new every morning!"

"O Lord, we make ourselves avail
our wills and our desires;
we lay aside agendas, Lord,
desiring YOUR fires!
In submission to The Spirit,
wait we for Your Word
KNOWING, as we do so, that
You'll certainly be heard!

That sweet assurance that we know--

once more it will be found
if we but settle heart and mind
and listen for Your sound!
That one direction that is right
our spirits will receive
if we reject impatience and
stay with You and not leave!

The 'running-here-and-there,' oh Lord,

to find the latest 'thing'
is NOT what You have purposed for
the children of the King!
So, Lord, do we avail and wait
here in your glory realm
knowing You are in control,
and that You keep the helm!"

Stand firm.  Stay the course.  The path in front of you and your surroundings may be uncomfortable, BUT GOD knows exactly where you are, what is going on, and HE will lead you where you are supposed to be.  Yes, He cares THAT much.  Yes, He is THAT faithful...even to you!


Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Possibilities!

Oh, the possibilities that exist as we allow the love of God and life to shine through us!  What affect could it have on YOUR day?

All the day so busy we
with this, that and the other.
We tend unto our needs and wants
alongside wary brother.
What is it that we say to them,
(most often, without word?)
In busyness is life and love
established or transferred?
Like it or not, we're being watched
in what we say and do.
Watched by ones yet seeking for
their own lives what to do!
They MUST find lasting hope and joy 
in them that are His own,
as temporary, in this life,
both hope and joy are known!

O wear that countenance that says
"Whatever be ahead,
I am secure in Jesus Christ
and I am Spirit-led!"
It may not always go the way
that perfect life may go,
but, at least, the Maker of Life,
personally, you know!

Yes, so many people are looking...watching....seeking...even groping for something secure that will give the hope.  We have Him residing in our hearts.  But if our very countenance says otherwise, they will just keep on looking...hoping...seeking...